Catskills Camping Guide

Jan 25, 2023, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Nestled in the heart of New York State, the Catskill Mountains are a hidden gem, brimming with natural beauty and endless adventures perfect for families. Whether you're seeking a weekend filled with outdoor activities or considering the charm of owning a vacation home, the Catskills offer an idyllic backdrop. At Summer, we're proud to offer a diverse range of properties across this stunning region, catering to families looking for everything from a spontaneous weekend camping trip to a lifelong vacation home in the Catskills. Discover Summer’s flexible, affordable vacation home ownership solutions. 

The Catskills are a paradise for families who love the outdoors. With rolling hills, dense forests, and crystal-clear streams, this region is more than just a scenic escape; it's a playground for adventure. The Catskill Mountains, renowned for their majestic beauty, offer endless hiking trails and an unrivaled camping experience. Summer offers dozens of stunning properties across the region for quick and convenient access to the best campaign adventures outlined below. Click here to view Summer’s stunning Catskills homes and start planning your next adventure.

Get your nature fix with these top Catskill camping spots

1. North-South Lake

Nestled in Greene County, North-South Lake is the largest and one of the most popular Catskills camping destinations. This site boasts breathtaking views, with clear skies that let you gaze across five states from the peak, approximately 2,250 feet above sea level. Steeped in history, visitors are encouraged to explore landmarks like Alligator Rock.

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2. Woodland Valley

Situated at the base of Slide Mountain, the tallest peak in the Catskills, Woodland Valley campground is a hiker's haven. Surrounded by three other mountain ranges and just minutes from the village of Phoenicia, this Catskills camping site offers a perfect blend of wilderness and nearby village charm, with activities like tubing and trout fishing on the Esopus Creek.

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3. Bear Spring Mountain

Located in Delaware County, Bear Spring Mountain is an ideal camping spot for families. The western end of the Catskill Forest Preserve offers a beach, boat rentals, and a trail system that caters to all ages and experience levels, making it the perfect Catskills camping option for families with children.

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Enhancing Your Camping Experience

To ensure a memorable camping trip in the Catskills, consider including activities like roasting marshmallows over a fire pit or exploring the region's horseback riding trails. For those seeking a unique experience, glamping in the Catskills offers the thrill of camping with added comforts like canvas tents equipped with queen-size beds. Many Summer properties are fitted with fire pits and hot tubs to combine the luxury of a vacation home and adventure of campaign all in one place. View our Summer Catskills homes and plan your next trip.

Catskills Vacation Home Ownership Made Easy With Summer

The transition from enjoying a weekend camping in the Catskills to owning a vacation home in this beautiful region can be seamless with Summer's expertise. We understand the nuances of the local market and can guide you through the process of finding and managing your family's dream vacation home. Whether you're looking for a cozy cabin or a luxurious retreat, Summer is your partner in turning your Catskills adventures into a lasting legacy. Click here to learn more about Summer's flexible, affordable homebuying solutions.

Plan your next family adventure in the Catskills in one of Summer’s stunning properties. If you are ready to make the Catskills a permanent getaway, click here to book a free consultation today. 

Already own a Catskills home? Learn how Managed by Summer can elevate your home's performance through our expert and reputable Catskills property management services by clicking here.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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