The Best Airbnb Design, Furnishing and Renovation Companies

April 25, 2024

Designing the interior of your property is an important part of launching and optimizing an Airbnb business. The design and furniture that you choose for your vacation rental will affect bookings, guest experiences, reviews, occupancy rates, and - eventually - revenue. Because of the required attention to detail and level of work, doing it yourself may require 16 weeks or more to get their property ready for listing and welcoming guests. This translates into a significant delay in launching your business and making money from Airbnb.

Alternatively, professional hosts resort to the services of the best Airbnb design companies that will help them not only furnish their short term rental faster but also improve the final results. With hundreds of design and furnishing companies in the US market, it’s hard to select the top ones. In this article, we’ve ranked the top choices for different kinds of hosts and properties.

The best Airbnb and vacation rental design companies are:

How We Chose the Best Vacation Rental Design Companies

Our selection of the top Airbnb design companies is based on the following factors:

Summer: Best Overall Airbnb Design Company

What makes Summer the best Airbnb design company in the US market is that they operate as an all-in-one solution for the needs of vacation rental investors. The firm was established by Paul Kromidas and Woods Buckley in 2021, with headquarters in New York, NY, building on the extensive experience of the two founders in Airbnb.

Summer can not only prepare your property for renting in the optimal way for your market and target guests but also provide full-service short term rental management afterwards. In this way, hosts can benefit from passive income without sacrificing earnings and profit.

The Summer Airbnb design and furnishing process is headed by a seasoned New York-based interior designer who has over a decade of experience in residential and commercial design. Under his guidance, Summer is able to combine creativity and functionality to deliver customized designs that go beyond aesthetics and prioritize guest experience and guest satisfaction, without breaking the bank.

While Summer interior designs are classic and ageless, giving properties the sophisticated look that will impress even the pickiest Airbnb guests. Moreover, services are flexible, from basic to luxury, to satisfy the needs of various owners and vacation rentals.

Summer Airbnb Design Services

The Airbnb design and furnishing services offered by Summer are flexible, ranging from interior design and help with furniture selection, to full furniture and decor sourcing and installation. Available services can fit both operating short term rentals that need some final touches to boost occupancy and newly purchased investment properties that require complete makeover and furnishing.

Importantly, unlike most other Airbnb design companies, Summer offers complete home renovations, landscaping, and the installation of premium Airbnb amenities including but not limited to pools, hot tubs, mini golf courses, home theaters, exercise equipment, and others.

Summer works with three short term rental design packages:

Summer vacation rental design services are available throughout the US.

Summer Airbnb Design Process

The Airbnb design process set up by Summer is easy and takes a total of four steps:

  1. Introductory call: Hosts and Summer discuss the property and the needed services as well as the owner’s goals, preferences, and budget.
  2. Design direction presentation: The Summer team prepares and presents a comprehensive, personalized interior design mood board including all furniture and decor. This takes up to 2 weeks after the introductory call.
  3. Fully managed home installation and setup: Summer manages and oversees the necessary construction, the sourcing and delivery of furniture, the installation and setup of furniture and decor items, and any final touches. This process takes 4-6 weeks.
  4. Going live: Once the property has been fully furnished, it’s handed over to the owner. In case investors would like professional property management services, Summer is able to provide them as well.

Short term rental property owners can be as involved or uninvolved in the process as they wish. They are welcome to provide feedback at all stages of the planning, designing, and selection. In case hosts don’t have personal preferences, they can rest assured that the Summer team will prepare their rental in a way that elevates the guest experience and brings more revenue than 95% of listings in the local market.

Summer Airbnb Design Costs

The cost of Summer Airbnb design services starts at $10,000, in line with the national average cost to furnish a house ranging between $10,000 and $60,000.

There are multiple factors that determine the final price, including:

Summer charges a single Airbnb design and furnishing fee which covers all services included in the package. The exact price will be quoted following the introductory call during which the owner and the Summer design team discuss the exact requirements and expectations. A deposit needs to be paid after the introductory call, while the rest of the cost is paid after the finalization of the project.

To get started with Summer, Airbnb owners can schedule time to talk or call 415-650-5642.

STR Cribs: Best for Major Renovations and Design

STR Cribs is a data-driven vacation rental design and renovation company. The company was started in 2020 with the mission to craft experiences tailored to the ideal guest persona for each property in order to drive profitable returns.

STR Cribs offers comprehensive services that include a personalized plan, elite design and renovation, and seamless installation. Airbnb rentals that have been designed and furnished by STR Cribs enjoy 64% more occupancy, 40% higher daily rates, and $50,000+ in annual revenue.

STR Cribs Airbnb Design Services

The services provided by STR Cribs are divided into two main categories:


The design services refer to preparing a comprehensive interior design plan for the short term rental:


The extensive renovation services provided by STR Cribs make it stand out from other best Airbnb design companies.

Renovation services include:

STR Cribs Airbnb design and renovation services are available in all US markets.

STR Cribs Airbnb Design Process

Getting your Airbnb rental designed and furnished by STR Cribs takes the following steps:

  1. Discovery call: Hosts and the STR Cribs team discuss the property, scope, amenities, timeline, and budget.
  2. Making a decision: If owners decide this is the right fit for their needs, they sign an agreement and pay a deposit.
  3. Preparing a design plan: Hosts work with a dedicated project manager to approve design and renovation plans and review final proposals and bids. They pay outstanding deposits. This takes 1-2 weeks.
  4. Furnishing and renovation work implementation: The STR Cribs team implements the design and renovation work and provides weekly updates with progress photos. The company provides final cleaning, photography, and supply stocking services. This step takes 2-8 weeks.

The entire process takes 4-10 weeks.

STR Cribs Airbnb Design Costs

STR Cribs does not provide any information about the Airbnb design and furnishing costs or the factors that determine the final price. Hosts get an estimate after the discovery call.

To get started with STR Cribs, short term rental hosts can book an introductory call via the company website or call 541-606-7200.

Showplace: Best for Smaller Airbnb Units

Showplace is a vacation rental design and furnishing company that works with both hosts and property managers. The company provides services to short term and mid term rentals. Justin Miller founded Showplace in 2019, with headquarters in Denver, CO, as a result of his own frustration at trying to furnish an Airbnb property.

Showplace offers full-service Airbnb design and furnishing as well as a la carte furniture and decor items from their shop for owners who would like to furnish their property on their own. Hosts who benefit from the full-service package save an average of 150 hours of active work and report an average increase of 22% in annual revenue.

Showplace Airbnb Design Services

Showplace provides customizable rental design and furnishing services that allow host and property managers to be as involved as they would like. The Airbnb design company is capable of completely furnishing new listings as well as offering partial services. Owners benefit from discounted prices (due to volume aggregation), demand management, and expertise. The process is managed by an expert designer.

In addition, the Showplace online shop offers a curated collection of furniture and decor items for hosts and property managers who would not like to hire a professional designer. Owners can purchase living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture as well as curtains, mats, bedding, towels, small appliances, cookware, utensils, and dinnerware.

In addition to Airbnb design and furnishing services, Showplace also offers automated consumable supply restocking for rentals. Items include toiletries, cleaning and laundry supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, kitchen supplies, coffee and other drinks, snacks, spices, first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, and others.

All furniture and consumable items available via Showplace benefit from volume pricing discounts negotiated by the team.

Showplace works with short term and mid term rentals across the US market.

Showplace Airbnb Design Process

The vacation rental design and furnishing process with Showplace involves the following steps:

  1. Getting to know each other: The Showplace team discusses the property with the owner to learn about the needs, goals, and budget.
  2. Designing: Hosts collaborate with an expert designer to come up with an interior design.
  3. Signing off and shipping: Once owners approve the final design, Showplace procures and delivers the furniture.
  4. Setting up: Owners can choose between DIY and white glove service installation.

Showplace is able to launch a new rental in an average of 6 weeks, but it might take up to 8 weeks in some cases. Hosts and property managers who need their property ready in less than 6 weeks can ask for expedited services, but they are charged at higher rates.

Showplace Airbnb Design Costs

Showplace does not provide an estimate of the potential range of Airbnb design and furnishing costs. The pricing depends on the square footage of the home as well as some other factors.

Hosts and property managers can use the Furnished Calculator available on the Showplace website to estimate the total cost. The requested information includes:

The estimator provides a range per bedroom including a list of the recommended furniture items. The price to furnish other rooms, such as a dining room or a kitchen, is not clear.

Still, this is just an estimate. The exact price will be quoted after owners introduce the Showplace team to their property and expectations.

To get started with Showplace, vacation rental investors can sign up on the company website.

Fülhaus: Best for Hosts on Small Budgets

Fülhaus ranks as one of the best Airbnb design companies in the US market for the heavy use of AI, which significantly speeds up the process and lowers the cost for hosts. Andria Santos started the company in 2015, with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and since then Fülhaus has established a significant presence in the US interior design and furnishing space for short term rentals, hotels, and other real estate properties.

Fülhaus provides AI-powered design solutions based on a monthly subscription plan. Owners can use the platform to order instantly sourced furniture from hundreds of brands that specialize in the hospitality industry. According to the company website, their clients report a 54% growth in average daily rates and occupancy rates.

Fülhaus Airbnb Design Services

What makes Fülhaus stand out compared to other design companies for Airbnb properties is the leverage of AI. However, this also limits the scope of services provided by the company as they are generally limited to interior design and furniture sourcing. While the furniture companies that Fülhaus works with provide delivery services, vacation rental owners are generally responsible for installation, final touches, and cleaning.

Fülhaus users benefit from various discounts when purchasing furniture and decor items from hundreds of partner websites.

Fülhaus runs a subscription-based model, with three different plans to meet the needs of different types of hospitality beginners and professions:

Additional services offered by Fülhaus that are not includes in the standard subscription packages are:

The main disadvantage of Fülhaus over other Airbnb design companies is that it doesn’t complete the projects to the final state. This means that hosts need to be significantly involved in the process, which makes them a good option for hands-on owners.

Fülhaus Airbnb Design Process

With Fülhaus, the interior design process is entirely host-driven. Property owners or managers need to purchase a subscription, after which they can start designing their rental room by room. They can upload an image of a room that they like, and the AI designer will compile a buyable list of the necessary furniture while ensuring that all proposed items match and go well together.

Next, hosts can order the furniture directly via the Fülhaus website, benefiting from brand discounts.

Fülhaus Airbnb Design Costs

Fülhaus is the most affordable option among the top Airbnb design companies. The price of subscriptions starts at $8/month for a single property and reaches $79/month for unlimited projects, with annual plans only. Add-on services are paid separately.

However, hosts should keep in mind that this cost covers the interior design services only. The company does not provide an estimate of the average cost to furnish a house or a room to rent out on a short term basis. Furthermore, installation services are not included in this price.

To get started with Fülhaus, Airbnb hosts can book a demo on the company website or sign up for a 10-day free trial.

Bottom Line

The four best Airbnb design companies listed above are able to meet the needs of different hosts and property managers who are getting their rentals ready for listing and welcoming guests. Among them, Summer stands out as the top choice for the professional, comprehensive services that it provides, at competitive pricing. The cost starts at $10,000 only and includes Summer fees. This covers design, sourcing, delivery, installation, setup, final touches, and cleaning. The process takes 6-8 weeks from beginning to end, after which hosts can start earning more revenue than 95% of local hosts.

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