Professional Vacation Rental Furnishing and Design

Professional Vacation Rental Furnishing and Design

Drive your Airbnb bookings, engagement, positive reviews and bottom line revenue for your property with Summer's Airbnb design service.

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We design and furnish your home

We design and furnish your home

Our design process has had proven bottom line revenue success for properties all over the United States. We consider your preferences, the home, existing furnishings and the demands of the local market when designing homes.

Let the Summer difference speak for itself

Summer designed homes put your guests at ease and drive engagement 
across vacation rental booking platforms.


Meet our Head of Airbnb Design

Pete - Interior designer New York Based


Pete is a seasoned New York-based interior designer with over 
a decade of experience in commercial and residential design. 
His passion lies in crafting unique and inspiring environments that prioritize the guest experience. By blending creativity with functionality, Pete's designs go beyond aesthetics, transforming spaces into captivating narratives. With a portfolio spanning diverse projects, he takes pride in creating spaces that leave a lasting impression and tell stories of innovation and sophistication.

Summer's design service goes beyond aesthetic enhancement

It's a strategic tool, designed to boost rental income, reduce unnecessary costs, and improve the guest experience.

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The Design Process

Our expert designers will be with you every step of the way

Step 1

Introductory call

Will gather all & any information needed to design the space including your goals, preferences and budget.

Step 2

Design direction presentation

Our design team will present home changes, including personalized mood-boards and furniture/decor choices.

Step 3

Fully-managed home installation 
& setup

Our team will oversee construction, furniture delivery, and the setup of all essentials and finishing touches.

Step 4

Go live

We’d love to manage 
your home, but if you choose to self-manage, we recommend getting updated professional photography for your newly designed home.

Get your home professionally designed today.Get your home professionally designed today.

Get your home professionally designed today.

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Care to learn more?

What is vacation rental management design?

Vacation rental management and design deals specifically with the design and furnishing of vacation or short-term rentals. This design takes into consideration the preferences of the owner, the home itself, the location and any competitive insights that are informing guest preferences. The design process can be as simple as getting mockups and links to furnishing items and as complex as full-furniture and decor sourcing and installation. 

What is Summer’s short-term rental design process?

The steps for Summer’s short-term rental design process are:
1. Get qualified with our team and submit a design deposit
2. Design team reviews the home and shares a mood board and initial thoughts
3. Design team shares updated floorplans and mockups of the home
4. Design and installation team work together to source and install the new furniture and decor

At each step of the design process the owner of the home has time to provide input and feedback to complete the design and bring out a personalized vision. 

What short-term rental design packages does Summer offer?

Host Essentials Design Package includes:

  • Initial consultation: Detailed discussion to understand the property, its layout, and client preferences.
  • Design Recommendations: Suggestions for edits and upgrades based on the consultation.
  • Floorplans: Creation of basic floor plans to visualize potential layouts.
  • Selection Assistance: We provide links and recommendations for furniture and decor items.
  • Customer Procurement: Clients are responsible for purchasing selected items.

Guest Favorite Design Package includes:

  • Virtual Consultation and visit from team member: Detailed discussion and a visit from a Summer field employee to understand the property.
  • Furniture Selection: Curate a selection of furniture pieces tailored to the client's style and space requirements.
  • Floorplans: Detailed floorplans illustrating furniture placement and layout.
  • Procurement and Installation: Summer team procures selected items and manages the installation process.
  • Trade Discounts: Homeowners get the benefit of Summer’s access to trade discounts.

Luxury Launch Design Package include:

  • Property Visit: In-person visit by the design team to assess the property and discuss design concepts.
  • Floorplans and Renders: Detailed floorplans along with 3D renders to visualize the design concept.
  • Upgraded Furniture Selection: Access to high-quality, designer furniture pieces for an elevated aesthetic.
  • Trade Discounts: Homeowners get the benefit of Summer’s access to trade discounts.
  • Summer Sourcing and Delivery: Summer team sources, stores, and coordinates the delivery of all furniture and decor items.
  • Full On-boarding Experience with OS&E: Comprehensive support for acquiring Operating Supplies & Equipment, ensuring a seamless transition to launch the home.
  • Senior Designer Involvement: Direct involvement of a senior designer throughout the design process, providing expert guidance and attention to detail.

How much does Airbnb design cost with Summer?

The cost of Airbnb design starts at $10,000 and goes up from there. Key considerations for the price include the size of the home, location of the home, level of furnishing and design and input from the owner as well as the extent of the design changes. 

What is the timeline for each design project with Summer?

Every Airbnb design project is different with Summer. It can take as little as two weeks to get completed mockups with an item list and 4-6 weeks to get furniture in place and set up. If timing is a key consideration please let the team know and we will work to prioritize the essential items and roll out the rest once your vacation rental is live. 

How involved will I be in the design process? Do I have a say in selections?

Absolutely! Owners, hosts and property managers are involved at every stage of the planning, design, and selection process. Some owners choose to have a high number of touch points and frequent inputs, others choose to delegate the entire design process to our team. In any case, you will be consulted at every stage. 

Do you manage construction or home upgrades? What about landscaping?

We have solutions for entire home renovations and landscaping as well as the installation of premium amenities such as home theaters, exercise equipment, mini-golf courses, pools, hot tubs and more!

Do you offer project management services, or will I be responsible for sorting out contractors/deliveries?

We offer property management services both during and after the design and installation process. The Summer team can oversee all of the aspects of installation and many of our design customers choose to have Summer manage the property after the design is completed.