Feb 16, 2024

Traveling With Pets: Dog & Cat Travel Guide

Discover our comprehensive guide for traveling with pets, focusing on dogs and cats. It covers preparation steps like checking pet policies and packing essentials, tips for maintaining cleanliness and respecting the property during the stay, and advice on ensuring pet safety and comfort. The post emphasizes the importance of considering pets as part of the family during travel and offers insights into Summer's expertise in pet-friendly accommodations

Jan 31, 2024

Generate 5-star reviews with these 5 short term rental tips

Maximize your short-term rental's potential with our top 5 tips for securing 5-star reviews. These insights will help enhance guest satisfaction and boost your rental's success. From investing in durable, high-quality designer furniture that’s built to last, to ensuring generous storage space, there’s no shortage of specifics to keep in-mind throughout the process. Learn more about Summer's short term rental solutions.

4 Short Term Rental Investing Trends for 2024

Stay ahead in 2024 with the latest short-term rental investing trends. Discover key insights into market shifts, technology innovations, and guest preferences that will shape the future of vacation rentals. Learn more with Summer's insights. Learn about Summer's expertise in short term rentals and innovative solutions shaping the industry.

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