Rustic Chic Barn House

A Summer Member Story
Getting together with close friends for a weekend, including our first-ever Summer members, Jeff and Emily!

About the Member


Helen Chen & Brendan Kehoe


Art consultant/feng shui practitioner & Lawyer

Primary Location:

Brooklyn, NY

Summer Home Location:

Hudson Valley, NY

Member since:

October 2022


Helen and Brendan, proud parents of two tween kids, relish the vibrant atmosphere, diversity, and cultural richness of city life. However, they also cherish the opportunity to escape the city and immerse themselves in nature. Realizing how much they were spending on Airbnb rentals for their vacations, they were looking for a more long-term solution that offered both flexibility and investment potential. The notion of owning a vacation home intrigued them, especially if the burdensome tasks of rental management and property maintenance could be handled on their behalf.

Their close friends, Jeff and Emily, had recently gotten a Summer home in the Hudson Valley, and their delightful experience piqued Helen and Brendan's interest. They learned that the entire process, from discovering and selecting an ideal home to Summer's meticulous evaluation to ensure its suitability as a short-term rental property, as well as the seamless setup for hosting guests, happened quicker than they had expected.

Home wish list

  • Somewhere they would be excited to go to back to repeatedly
  • Ample space to accommodate and host another family comfortably
  • The added benefit of earning potential through renting out the home when they’re not there to maximize their investment value
  • Outdoor pool to to enjoy on beautiful, sunny days

“The process was quicker than we had expected and they delivered all the way around. We are really able to enjoy our dream second home with our kids.”

Helen & Brendan

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Designed to turn heads

All of our homes are carefully designed by top interior designers to create something worth writing home about.

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Hover Ave by Summer

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Welcome to the Hover Ave. Converted Barn-house, a turn-of-the-century designer home by Summer. This expansive, one-of-a-kind home is tucked away in Germantown on the Hudson River. The area offers hiking trails, trout-fishing, and the home is a short drive to the heart of Germantown. Spend time outdoors and in; gather by the fire-pit or the massive dining space featuring cathedral windows.

Property highlights

Outdoor dining area
Private patio
Inground pool
In order to establish a cozy atmosphere in the dining room, overhead lighting was installed, complemented by the addition of new chairs, rug and decor.
To enhance the overall aesthetic of the living space, the furniture was upgraded to align with the color palette of the home's design.

A note about design

Illustration of a home
To optimize the utilization of the upstairs level, additional beds were incorporated into the space, while also creating a more open and inviting environment for leisure and relaxation.
An in-ground pool has been installed in the backyard, promising endless enjoyment for those staying at Hover Ave.

“We had a vision for the interior design of the house, but would not have been able to create it on our own. Summer helped us bring our vision to life and then some.”

Helen & Brendan

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