Game-Changing Benefits of Having A Go-To Vacation Home

May 4, 2023

Discover the life-changing benefits of owning a vacation home, from creating lasting family traditions to financial savings and deep exploration of beloved locales. Perfect for those seeking routine comfort, adventure, and smart investment in their travels. Learn more about making your dream vacation home a reality with Summer's expert insights.​

When it comes to orchestrating the perfect getaway, a plethora of individuals relish the thrill of venturing into uncharted territories and indulging in novel experiences. Nonetheless, the allure of revisiting a cherished locale annually holds its unique charm. This consistent return to a favored spot often ignites the consideration of buying a vacation home, transforming a mere holiday spot into a more permanent slice of paradise. The idea of owning a piece of property in such a location, perhaps near the serene expanses of a mountain national park or the secluded tranquility of small towns, becomes increasingly appealing.

The journey towards purchasing a vacation home involves a myriad of considerations, from navigating fluctuating home prices to understanding the nuances of property taxes associated with a second home. Engaging with seasoned real estate agents who specialize in vacation home sales can provide invaluable insights into this process. They can guide potential vacation home buyers through the complexities of finding a property that not only offers breathtaking mountain views or proximity to national forests but also makes sound financial investment sense.

Making a vacation home that works for your family

For those contemplating the dual utility of their vacation home as a short-term rental when it's not in use as a primary residence, partnering with a management company skilled in vacation rental management can be a game-changer. Such companies adeptly handle the intricacies of marketing and maintaining the property, ensuring it remains competitive in popular destinations like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or The Hamptons. This approach not only helps in offsetting costs like management fees and property taxes but also capitalizes on the growing trend of vacation rentals, potentially turning a personal retreat into a lucrative financial venture.

Moreover, understanding the impact of interest rates on home loans is crucial for prospective buyers. In an era where economic indicators such as interest rates can significantly influence home sales and the overall cost of purchasing a vacation rental property, having a clear financial plan is paramount. This strategic approach to owning a vacation home in sought-after locales, amidst the verdant beauty of national parks or the quaint charm of small towns, embodies a blend of personal joy and financial prudence, making it an endeavor worth considering for those who find solace and adventure in the consistency of returning to a beloved destination year after year.

Benefits of having your own go-to vacation home

At Summer, providing an excellent and seamless experience for our short term guests and property owners is always top of mind, especially in order to achieve consistent strong performance for short term rental owners. Our vacation rental experts at Summer have compiled a list of key reasons why every family should consider investing in a go-to vacation rental of their own. To learn more about Summer and our innovative short term rental management and vacation home ownership solutions, click here.

Familiarity and comfort. Returning to the same destination year after year can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. You know what to expect and can look forward to your favorite activities, restaurants, and sights. This can be especially important for those who find travel stressful or overwhelming. Familiarity can help ease anxiety and allow you to relax and fully enjoy your vacation.

Creating traditions and memories. Visiting the same destination every year can allow you to create traditions and memories with your family or travel companions. You can revisit your favorite spots, try new things, and build on your previous experiences. This can lead to a sense of nostalgia and shared memories that you can cherish for years to come.

Exploring more deeply. Returning to the same destination year after year can also allow you to explore more deeply. You can get to know the local culture, find hidden gems, and build relationships with locals. Rather than just scratching the surface of a destination, you can delve deeper and truly get to know it on a personal level.

Relaxation and rejuvenation. Vacations are meant to be a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, and returning to the same destination every year can facilitate that. You can escape the stresses of daily life and fully immerse yourself in the destination. You don't have to worry about planning and logistics as much, allowing you to truly unwind and recharge.

Saving money. Returning to the same destination every year can also help you save money. You can take advantage of loyalty programs, negotiate better rates with local businesses, and avoid the costs associated with exploring a new destination each year.

Visiting the same destination every year for vacation can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort, allow you to create traditions and memories, help you explore more deeply, facilitate relaxation and rejuvenation, and even save you money. So the next time you're planning a vacation, consider returning to a destination you know and love.

Summer’s expertise in vacation home ownership

At Summer, our approach to vacation home buying is deeply rooted in our extensive experience with the short-term rental market. We're not just about transactions; we're about creating enduring value and unforgettable experiences for every client. Our commitment shines through in our meticulous selection of properties, each chosen for its potential to deliver not just a home, but a haven for exceptional stays.

Our team, seasoned in the nuances of real estate and hospitality, guides you seamlessly through the buying and onboarding process. We understand that the essence of a great investment is in the details, and we're dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your purchase exceeds expectations. Our team of experts will assess your market of interest to find your dream home and also ensure it is set up for long-term success and growth. We handle everything from paperwork, decorating and renovating, maintenance and listing. Our full-service support allows you to make memories when you are there and make money while you are away. Click here to learn more about Summer’s flexible, affordable home buying solutions. 

About Summer

Summer offers innovative solutions to revolutionize the vacation rental landscape for both property owners and guests. Our focus is on elevating short-term rental performance by creating inviting spaces and memorable experiences that drive positive feedback and repeat visits. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us to uncover how Summer can turn your short-term rental into a premier destination. Click here to book a free consultation

Beyond enhancing rental performance and guest satisfaction, Summer stands out in its attentive approach to property management. We also offer versatile, cost-effective financing solutions and imaginative design options to assist property owners in both renovations and effective cash flow management. Our solutions work to empower property owners with seamless, affordable pathways to make impactful changes proven to transform vacation homes into top performing listings. Visit to learn more. 

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