Chic Catskills Cabin

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The Colarusso family at their Summer home, the Lanesville Cabin.

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Adrian Colarusso


Wealth Advisor

Primary Location:

Princeton, NJ

Summer Home Location:

Hudson Valley, NY

Member since:

Sept 2022


When Summer members Adrian & Meghan Colarusso began considering buying a vacation property, they were of the mindset that second-home ownership is both an indulgence and an investment. To pull off that tricky balance, the Colarusso family needed experts who knew the hospitality and short-term rental businesses intimately. Adrian and Meghan decided that Summer would help them make smart, data-driven decisions when renting out the property– and make their own vacations as stress-free as possible.

Home wish list

  • To build memories as a family while our kids are still young
  • Invest in long-term improvements
  • Always knowing where the spatulas and wine openers are
  • A cabin in the woods, ensconced in trees and in close proximity to water

"The Summer model has many interesting features and options to design the purchase around your family’s unique situation"

Adrian & Meghan

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Designed to turn heads

All of our homes are carefully designed by top interior designers to create something worth writing home about.

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Lanesville by Summer

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This picturesque, one-of-a-kind Catskills cabin– which was the first home to be brought into the Summer network– is nestled along Stony Clove Creek, just minutes up a country road from the popular towns of Phoenicia and Hunter.

Property highlights

Fire pit
Outdoor dining area
Private patio
Installed ceiling wood beams and removed the back wall to open up the main living area
Workspace and desk added to the bedroom for remote working days. Upgraded bed and linens for a superior nights sleep

A note about design

It was important to work with the bones and personality of the house, which was eclectic and fun with rustic notes, but it was evident that some of the layout needed to be enhanced or changed to create a better flow of energy.

It was fun to craft cozy zones, such as adding a built-in bench in the top floor bedroom to have a view out to the river, to deepen the connection with the beautiful nature outside. So much of how furniture is arranged can dictate how we feel and behave in a space so finding the right harmony between comfort, proportions, and color was key in working with a cozy cabin like this. Every object selected has to be intentional to not only be visually pleasing to the eye but to also create peaceful emotions for the renters and future owners.

Illustration of a home
Fireplace was moved to create a better ambiance and flow on the first floor
Fully stocked kitchen with complete coffee and tea station

"Summer was right there with us analyzing the opportunities deeply (and quantitatively) with totally aligned incentives."

Adrian & Meghan

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