STRCribs Airbnb Design and Renovations Review

Jun 25, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Renovating, designing, and furnishing an Airbnb property in a guest-friendly and comfortable yet memorable way is just as important as buying a high-potential home for a successful vacation rental business. Many owners utilize the services of specialized Airbnb design and furnishing companies in an attempt to maximize profits, and STRCribs is one of the popular names in the industry. This article reviews the services provided by the company as well as the associated costs, timelines and expected results.

STRCribs Company Overview

STRCribs is a design and renovation company that specializes in short term rental properties. The company focuses on the use of data in Airbnb design and renovation decisions to grow rental businesses and optimize performance. The data used in the processes comes from AirDNA, Rabbu, and other third-party vacation rental data sources.

Unlike other best Airbnb design, furnishing, and renovation companies, STRCribs could be a good fit for owners planning major renovations and remodeling works rather than small fixes, partial furnishing, or decor improvements.

Joshua Lewis founded STRCribs in 2020, which makes them a relatively new player in the space. The company aims to provide designs that craft experiences to tell the property story, resonate with the ideal guest persona for each property, and drive positive returns for hosts while staying within their budget.

As of today, STRCribs has completed more than 200 projects. Based on STRCribs data, vacation rentals designed and furnished by them experience up to 64% more Airbnb occupancy, 40% higher average daily rates (ADRs), and $50,000 more in annual revenue than comps.

STRCribs Airbnb Design and Renovations Services

STRCribs review reveals that the services provided by the company can be divided into two broad categories: 1) Design and 2) Renovations. Each project comes with a dedicated project manager who handles all the day-to-day work and who acts as the connection between the host and the rest of the STRCribs team.

The company works with the top 5% of contractors in its markets and all are vetted, licensed, and insured.

All STRCribs design and renovation works have a minimum guarantee of six months.

STRCribs Airbnb Design Services

STRCribs uses short term rental industry data to provide Airbnb designs that aim to increase bookings. The company has the capacity to design and furnish both the interior and the exterior of vacation rentals. It is not clear whether hosts can opt in for design only and do the actual furniture procurement and installation on their own to work with their preferred brands and save on costs.

STRCribs design services cover the following spaces:

STRCribs design services for vacation rentals include:

Design visualization

Space planning and layout

Architectural detailing and design

Material and fixture selections

Furnishings and decor selections

STRCribs Airbnb Renovations Services

STRCribs renovations services for short term rentals cover:

Interior services

Utilities and systems installation

Structural and exterior services

Outdoor and landscaping

Amenities: STRCribs designs and installs different custom Airbnb amenities including:

Specialized installations

Safety and environmental services

STRCribs Airbnb Design Process

The process of short term rental property design or renovation by STRCribs requires the following steps:

  1. Discovery call: Property owners and the STRCribs team connect to discuss the home, the desired amenities, the budget, what is possible, and what makes sense from a performance data point of view. This is a free consultation and does not require commitment on behalf of the host. Interested investors have the right to one discovery call
  2. Decision: STRCribs provides an estimated scope, budget, and timeline and gives owners the opportunity to discuss with partners or other interested parties. This step is free. If hosts decide to move forward with STRCribs Airbnb design or renovation services, at this point they need to sign an agreement and pay a deposit. The company does not specify the amount of the deposit
  3. Design process: Hosts get assigned a dedicated project manager to approach with questions and ideas 24/7. The STRCribs team prepares design and/or renovation plans based on vacation rental industry data while incorporating feedback from owners. Investors review and approve the final proposals and bids and pay outstanding deposits. This process takes 1-2 weeks
  4. Design and/or renovation works: STRCribs starts implementing the furnishing and/or renovation works and provides hosts with weekly updates and progress photos. This includes obtaining necessary permits and applying final touches. Finally, the Airbnb design and renovation company does a final clean, photographs the property, and stocks supplies to deliver a listing- and guest-ready rental. This step takes 2-8 weeks, depending on the amount of required work

The entire process takes between 3 and 10 weeks.

STRCribs Airbnb Design and Renovations Market Coverage

STRCribs is able to take on both design and renovation projects throughout the US market with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

STRCribs Costs

Prices vary and depend on the market, property type and size, required work (design and furnishing vs remodeling and renovation), quality of the furniture, involvement of owners, and amount of decorations.

STRCribs Reviews

STRCribs offers every customer the opportunity to speak with past customers about their services. Meanwhile, the company website says that STRCribs-designed and furnished listings have generated more than 8,000 5-star reviews by guests on different booking channels such as Airbnb, Vrbo,, Expedia, and TripAdvisor.

Before and After Photos of STRCribs-Designed Properties

Before and after photos of design and renovation projects are an excellent indication of the level and quality of work performed by a furnishing company.

Following are some photos of Airbnb properties that have been furnished or renovated by STRCribs, before and after the implemented works.

STRCribs Airbnb Design and Renovations Pros and Cons

Hiring STRCribs to design or renovate an Airbnb rental property comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

STRCribs Pros

The main benefits of working with STRCribs include:

STRCribs Cons

Meanwhile, the most important drawbacks of the services provided by STRCribs that hosts should take into consideration are:

How to Get Started with STRCribs

Getting started with STRCribs requires booking a discovery call via the company website. Alternatively, owners can directly call or text the Head of Host Success at 541-606-7200.

STRCribs Alternatives and Competitors

Review of the STRCribs Airbnb design and renovations services shows that this might be a good option for hosts who plan large-scale remodeling and furnishing projects within their properties. In fact, STRCribs is the only company we reviewed that handles design, installation and full-scale renovations in the vacation rental industry.

Owners can check out the best STRCribs competitors for alternative solutions.

STRCribs vs Summer

Summer offers premium Airbnb design and furnishing services with a proven track record of boosting performance for hosts and outperforming comps. Investors can choose between three different packages, depending on their experience, availability, and level of involvement.

The Summer design service takes into consideration host preferences, property size and type, existing furniture, and local market demand. The result is more Airbnb bookings, increased engagement, boost in positive guest reviews, and higher revenue. The process is led by Pete Trentacoste, an experienced New York-based interior designer with expertise in both residential and commercial designs. Summer Airbnb designs combine creativity and functionality to transform even basic spaces into captivating narratives and enhance guest experiences.

The cost of Summer short term rental design and furnishing services starts at $10,000 and depends on property size, location, level of design and furnishing, and amount of design changes requested by the owner. The entire process takes no more than 8 weeks including furniture and decor procurement, delivery, installation, and setup. Services are available in all US locations.

Importantly, Summer can provide end-to-end management services to vacation rentals whose owners need a one-stop-shop for their investments.

Vacation rental investors can schedule a call on the Summer website.

STRCribs vs Showplace

Showplace designs and furnishes short term and mid term rentals across the US. The company promises to help owners save 150 hours of active work and get a 22% increase in annual income.

Services are customizable, with both DIY installation and white-glove delivery and setup. Additionally, Showplace operates an online marketplace where hosts can choose and purchase furniture and decor items as well as different appliances at discounted rates without hiring a professional interior designer.

Similar to STRCribs, Showplace does not specify the range of expected costs. However, the company website features a Furnished Calculator that helps owners estimate the cost of furnishing a property based on the number of bedrooms, excluding the cost of preparing other rooms - such as kitchen and dining rooms - for guests. Owners receive the final quote after discussing their property with the company. The entire process requires 6-8 weeks, on average.

STRCribs vs Furnishr

Furnishr is an interior design and furnishing company that works with different types of homes in the US, including short term rentals. There is no estimate of the average boost in the performance of Furnishr-designed vacation rentals.

Services are comprehensive, including design, furniture selection and purchase, delivery, setup, and packaging debris collection and removal. Hosts can choose one of three packages depending on the level of decor and accessories they would like.

The cost of designing and furnishing an Airbnb property with Furnishr depends on the property size, number and size of rooms, furnishing level, and quality of furniture. Prices start at $4,000-$8,000 for a studio and reach $13,000-$25,000 for a 3-bedroom home. The cost can exceed $50,000 for a 4-bedroom property. The process takes 3-5 weeks.

Bottom Line

STRCribs performs both design/furnishing and major renovation services for Airbnb rental properties. While the company has the potential to engage in large-scale remodeling and furnishing projects, it doesn’t look like a good fit for investors with smaller-scale needs. Moreover, the lack of pricing information does not allow owners to get even a rough idea of the expected cost. Because of the absence of online STRCribs reviews by customers, hosts cannot judge how well the company delivers on the promises it makes on its website.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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