Casago Airbnb Management Review: Is Casago Worth It?

Jun 25, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Casago is one of the leading vacation rental property management companies in the US. Unlike others, Casago works not only with short term rentals, but also with long term rental properties and corporate housing, which makes it a potentially good option for investors with mixed portfolios. But is Casago really worth it? The short answer is: Not really!

Meanwhile, the top-ranked Airbnb management company in the US, does things differently. Summer is highly selective about the locations and properties that it manages, based on its ability to provide outstanding services for hosts and guests. This allows Summer-managed properties to outperform 95% or more comparable properties. Moreover, monthly property management fees start at only 20% of booking revenue, excluding cleaning fees, making it a competitive option for owners looking for passive rental income.

Casago Company Overview

Casago is a full-service property management company that focuses on vacation rentals in select markets. Casago also works with furnished and unfurnished long term rentals, single family homes, corporate housing, and resort communities.

Steve Schwab founded Casago in 1996, making it one of the oldest companies in the vacation rental management industry. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Schwab aimed to build an owner-centric property manager, putting the property owner at the center of everything that the company does and acting as the owner’s advocate at all times.

Casago operates a franchise model, covering multiple markets across the US, including 8 resort communities.

Twenty-eight years later, the company manages more than 5,000 rental properties in over 60 locations in the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Casago Airbnb Management Overview

Casago strives to provide what they call a “total rental management solution” for the owners of different types of properties, including both short term and long term rentals. They also offer an affordable option for owners through their technology platform.

Where the company falls short, though, is in the provision of design and furnishing services. While Casago helps in some aspects of preparing a property for listing and renting, they do not design, furnish, and decorate vacation homes, which means that they must be rental-ready to qualify.

Moreover, the company website does not provide any information about the range of property management fees, so owners cannot know whether Casago is truly affordable before getting in touch with a representative.

Casago Property Management Markets

Our Casago Airbnb property management review reveals that the company is present in 60+ top vacation destinations in the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

In the US market, Casago manages properties across various cities in these states:

Colorado, Alabama, Oregon, Georgia, Texas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Montana, Utah, Hawaii, Indiana, Nevada, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Washington D.C., and the US Virgin Islands.

While these are some of the best locations for a high Airbnb occupancy rate, there are many other top locations that are not included in the Casago market coverage.

Casago Property Type Coverage

Casago could be a good option for investors who have mixed portfolios as the company manages different types of rentals. Casago works with vacation rentals, furnished and unfurnished long term rentals, corporate housing, and single family homes.

Our Casago Airbnb management review shows that the company does not have specific eligibility requirements for short term rentals with regards to property type. However, homes need to be generally ready for listing and welcoming guests as the company does not offer furnishing and decor services. 

Hosts are expected to provide furniture, appliances, cookware, and dinnerware. Casago advises owners to decorate their property well because guests prefer to relax in beautiful surroundings. Hosts do not need to supply linen.

Casago Airbnb Property Management Services

Casago vacation rental management includes most services needed to run an Airbnb business.

Core Casago Property Management Services

The main services provided by Casago Airbnb management include:

Because of their short term rental management services, Casago says that properties generate more bookings, receive more revenue, and provide better ROI. However, the company does not specify the average improvement in performance that hosts can expect.

Missing Casago Property Management Services

The most important services that Casago does not offer to Airbnb property owners are:

As the above-listed services are crucial for the smooth operations of a short term rental property business, hosts are not able to enjoy truly passive income with Casago. They still have a number of responsibilities to take care of themselves.

Getting Started with Casago

The first step in hiring Casago is to meet with the local general manager who needs to collect information about the property, inspect it, and take photos. Next, the general manager creates a listing, sets up pricing, and starts advertising the property on major booking channels. It usually takes a few weeks to onboard a property.

Casago Property Management Fees and Costs

The Casago website does not provide any information about the pricing of the Airbnb management services provided by the company. The cost is likely to depend on the market, the property type and size, and the required services.

Casago Airbnb Management Terms and Conditions

Owners must sign a written vacation rental management agreement in order to work with Casago. A copy of the contract can be received after contacting the company. Hosts are free to leave the vacation rental program whenever they want with 30-day notice.

Casago Reviews

Casago reviews by hosts and guests are available on:

Positive reviews of the Casago Airbnb management services focus on the optimization of property performance, beautiful units, excellent amenities, helpful recommendations, valuable information, high level of security, friendly experiences, and timely responses.

Negative reviews mention scammy practices, deceptions, denial of existing problems, poor maintenance and cleaning, broken appliances, missing linen, fraudulent charges, last-minute cancellations, and incompetent staff.

Casago Competitors and Alternatives

Casago Airbnb management is not always the best choice for hosts due to the limited geographic coverage, missing services, and substantial complaints expressed in online reviews.

Thus, owners might need to consider one of the best Casago alternatives and competitors.

Casago vs Summer

Summer is the leading vacation rental property management company in the US, offering true full-service management at competitive prices.

Summer works with vacation rentals that make a minimum of $50,000 in annual revenue. The company is highly selective about the properties that it works with in order to guarantee exceptional service and performance. As a result, Summer-managed properties generate more income than at least 95% of comps in each market.

Summer Airbnb management review reveals that services include interior design and furnishing, smart lock installation, listing optimization and distribution, marketing and advertising, dynamic pricing (combining high tech with human reviews), immediate guest and host communication, reservation and payment management, cleaning, restocking, housekeeping, hot tub and pool maintenance, inspections, Airbnb insurance, and more.

Summer property management fees start at only 20% of booking fees (excluding cleaning fees), compared to an industry average of 25-40%. Design and furnishing services start at $10,000, and the exact price depends on the market, property, plan, and necessary furniture.

Casago vs Vacasa

Vacasa is the largest short term rental property management company in North America and one of the best-known competitors of Casago.

Vacasa manages various types of properties rented out on a short term, and sometimes long term, basis. At the moment, the company operates more than 44,000 vacation rentals in over 400 markets, which might be a sign that the property manager has stretched too thin. Overall, the quality of services seems to range widely depending on the market and the local team, as reflected in Vacasa property management reviews.

The company provides property listing and marketing, dedicated reservation agents, dynamic pricing, guest screening, guest services, cleaning, supply stocking, inspections, maintenance, and tax assistance. Similar to Casago, Vacasa does not offer interior design and furnishing.

Vacasa fees depend on the location and the property, and the company website does not offer a range. However, online reviews quote average rates of 25-35%, which sometimes exceed 40%. Moreover, there are multiple additional fees, such as a linen program, hot tub maintenance, and accommodation protection program.

Casago vs Evolve

Evolve is another popular alternative to Casago. The main difference is that Evolve is a half-service Airbnb management company, which means that they focus on the automation of time-consuming tasks rather than holistic management of vacation rentals.

Evolve manages different types of residential properties that have their own entrance, a kitchen/kitchenette, and at least one bathroom. Currently, the company works with over 30,000 hosts in more than 400 US markets.

Evolve services cover photography, listing, marketing and advertising, dynamic pricing, guest communication, guest review management, property and liability protection, and tax collection and remittance. Many key services are not offered, as is expected from half-service Airbnb managers.

Evolve charges a universal fee of 10% of monthly revenue, which is similar to the cost of other half-service companies. According to Evolve property management reviews, there are no additional fees and expenses.

Bottom Line

Our Casago review shows that this company is generally not worth it for Airbnb owners and hosts. Monthly property management fees and additional costs are unclear, markets are limited, and there are multiple complaints by hosts and guests which make one doubt the integrity of the property manager and the quality of services provided.

Owners looking for comprehensive, effective, high-quality vacation rental management offered at clear, competitive prices can check out Summer. Monthly fees start at only 20% of booking revenue (excluding cleaning fees), and there are no unexpected charges.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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