The Best Airbnb Property Management Companies for Hosts

April 23, 2024

Finding the best Airbnb management company can be difficult, while cost, value, and services matter it’s often difficult to analyze the operational ability of the company. We went out and did the leg work, looking at owner reviews, guest reviews, Airbnb reviews, operational ability, cost, terms and services for each of the 6 best vacation rental management companies. 

Summer, the top ranked vacation rental management company, is doing something different in the vacation rental management industry. The company is selective about the properties it signs based on its ability to operate a specific home. This results in a smaller portfolio of very valuable homes that consistently outperform both host and guest expectations. 

The 6 best Airbnb management companies are:

  1. Summer: Best overall
  2. Vacasa: Best for hosts in urban markets
  3. Evolve: Best for local hosts that self-operate
  4. Casago: Best for investors with mixed property portfolios
  5. Air Concierge: Best for hosts with mid-term rentals
  6. SkyRun Vacation Rentals: Best for low-cost management

How We Selected the Best Airbnb Property Managers

When choosing the top vacation rental management companies, we focused on the following criteria:

1. Summer: Best overall

Summer is the best Airbnb management company in the US market because the team at Summer turns down homes if they don’t believe they can operate them. The company is competitive on pricing, but offers significantly more value than any other Airbnb manager that operates on a nationwide scale. This combination allows Summer to maintain a 4.98 Airbnb rating and Superhost status nationwide.

Summer Services

Summer offers a mix of unique services that add significant value for rental hosts, in addition to all of the standard vacation rental management services. Furthermore hosts and members get access to professional design, furnishing, renovations and even property underwriting to grow their short-term rental portfolios. 

Unique Summer property management services includes:

In addition to these unique services, Summer also offers rental property marketing, listing promotion, instant superhost status, dynamic pricing with daily human review, revenue optimization, 24/7 communications, and reservation management. 

Included home services cover hot tubs, pools, amenities, cleaning, lawn work, snow removal, regular inspections, and repair and replacement coordination. 

Finally, owners get access to detailed monthly reporting. 

Summer also offers additional services, independent of its property management division:

Moreover, property owners - as members of the Summer Network - can stay at other Summer homes nationwide by using their management account balance.

Summer Pricing and Terms

Summer charges a single, universal property management fee, starting at 20% of monthly rental income. The final pricing offer depends on the market, the performance of the property, and its operational complexity. 

It’s important to note that Summer calculates their fee based on booking revenue which does not include cleaning fees, unlike other property managers that calculate their share including cleaning fees. This monthly fee covers all services provided by the company.

There are never unexpected fees, instead Summer prefers to guide owners on future reinvestment into the property to improve revenue and outperform the market.

Summer Markets

Summer Airbnb property management services are available nationwide. However, the company does not operate in markets where operational quality cannot reach the high standards expected from professional property management. Interested property owners can submit their rental via the Summer website to check whether their location qualifies.

In terms of property types, Summer works with a wide range of single family and multifamily properties that earn a minimum of $50,000 in booking revenue per year.

Summer Reviews

Summer members are happy with the deep quantitative analysis provided beforehand, the practical approach, and the affordable solutions.

Summer’s Airbnb reviews average 4.98 stars with thousands of happy guests and completed reservations. Summer has consistently been granted Superhost status by Airbnb since it’s launch.

How to Get Started with Summer

Interested vacation home owners can text 415-650-5642 or schedule a free, one-on-one, personalized consultation with the Summer team. Every applicant receives a complete understanding of projected revenue and ways to improve the property as part of the application process. 

2. Vacasa: Best for hosts in urban markets

Vacasa is arguably the most popular name in the short term rental property management industry in North America. Eric Breon and Cliff Johnson established the company in 2009, with headquarters in Portland, OR. But it’s no secret that Vacasa often loses customers and underdelivers.

Of the 44,000 rentals hosted by Vacasa that we analyzed, the best performing were low revenue properties in major urban markets like Austin and Brooklyn.

Vacasa Services

As a full-service Airbnb property manager, Vacasa provides the following core services:

Some additional services offered by Vacasa that are paid separately are:

Through the Extended Stay Program (ESP), Vacasa manages long term rentals as well.

Vacasa Pricing and Terms

Vacasa fees are tailored to match the needs of individual property owners. The pricing model includes a single property management fee that covers all services, except for the add-ons listed above. The company website does not offer a range of average fees, while investors who have used the Vacasa services report fees that sometimes exceed 35% of monthly revenue.

Vacation rental property owners can cancel their Vacasa agreement with a 90-day notice. Reservations that have already been booked for this 90-day window will need to be honored. In practice, hosts have had a difficult experience ending contracts, transferring reservations and selling their properties. 

Vacasa Markets

Vacasa property management is available in 35 US states in addition to Canada, Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica.

Vacasa Reviews

Vacasa customer reviews are available on:

Positive Vacasa reviews focus on the comprehensive services, the easy processes, the well-maintained rentals, the well-stocked properties, the plenty of linen supply, and the courteous staff.

Negative reviews, meanwhile, take note of the poor property management practices, the lower-than-expected revenue, unexpected charges, poor maintenance practices, dirty properties, and unreachable customer support.

How to Get Started with Vacasa

Property owners can call the Vacasa sales team directly or submit an online form on the company website to receive more information.

3. Evolve: Best for local hosts that self-operate

Evolve is another popular name in the vacation rental management industry, but unlike the previously discussed companies, they offer only half-service management. The company was founded by Brian Egan and Adam Sherry in 2011, with headquarters in Denver, CO.

Currently, Evolve manages the Airbnb properties of over 30,000 hosts.

Evolve Services

As a half-service Airbnb property management company, Evolve services focus on the automation of processes for DIY owners. These include:

Since Evolve does not actively manage properties, they can help hosts be matched with trusted local cleaning and service partners. This means that Airbnb hosts need to be involved in the management of their properties and coordinate the work of their team.

Evolve Pricing and Terms

While Evolve offers an industry-low fee of 10% of monthly income, this includes only partial services that are not enough to provide investors with passive income.

Evolve has strict eligibility criteria. Properties need to be clean, safe, guest ready, and as advertised. The owner remains responsible for obtaining relevant licenses and permits, getting Airbnb insurance, and maintaining the rental. They can cancel with a 15-day notice. If a cancellation of the property management contract happens in the first 90 days after onboarding, the host needs to pay a fee of $250.

Evolve Markets

Evolve vacation rental management services are available in 750 markets in North America, mostly in the US but also in some locations in Canada and Mexico.

Evolve Reviews

Evolve reviews are available on:

Happy Evolve customers highlight the easy onboarding, the proficient services, the beautiful listings, the efficient handling of insurance claims, the helpful guidance, and the professional customer support team.

Unhappy property owners complain about few bookings even in the high season, poor marketing strategies, unoptimized daily pricing, lost revenue, frequent cancellations, and unresponsive Evolve staff.

How to Get Started with Evolve

Vacation rental property owners interested in working with Evolve need to fill in a questionnaire on the company website to determine if they are a good fit. Afterwards, the Evolve team will get in touch with them to discuss details.

4. Casago: Best for investors with mixed property portfolios

Casago is a property management company that works with vacation rentals, long term rentals, unfurnished long term rentals, corporate housing, and single family homes. Steve Schwabb established the company in 1996, with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. This is one of the oldest short term rental management companies.

At the moment, Casago works with more than 5,000 properties.

Casago Services

Casago offers full-service Airbnb property management covering:

Casago Pricing and Terms

The Casago property management fees are flexible and depend on the location. While the company claims to charge reasonable rates, there is no range or breakdown of expected fees on the website.

When hiring Casago, Airbnb property owners are required to provide furniture, appliances, dinnerware, and silverware. Hosts need to sign a written agreement, according to which they can cancel Casago services with a 30-day notice.

Casago Markets

Casago works with vacation rentals in 60+ destinations, covering locations in the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Casago Reviews

Casago customer reviews are available on:

Positive reviews by Casago customers focus on the good services, the easy processes, the pleasant experiences, the properly maintained and cleaned properties, the kind and polite staff, and the attentive customer service.

Negative reviews discuss horrible experiences, fabricated lies, poorly kept properties, filthy rentals, discriminatory practices, unexpected cancellations, and rude and belligerent staff.

How to Get Started with Casago

Hosts can call Casago to set up a meeting with the General Manager for their market who will collect information about the property, inspect it, photograph it, and write the listing. The Casago team will do everything necessary to get the listing published.

5. Air Concierge: Best for hosts with mid-term rentals

Air Concierge provides both end-to-end and off-site short term rental property management. In addition to working with standard Airbnb properties, they also specialize in extended stays. Ryan and Claire Danz founded the company in 2014, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Air Concierge manages dozens of vacation rentals in a few US locations, mostly in California.

Air Concierge Services

Air Concierge provides full-service Airbnb management where the company has local offices and off-site management in markets with no office. The complete list of services includes:

Air Concierge Pricing and Terms

The Air Concierge full-service property management fees range between 10% and 25% of revenue. The standard fee is 25%, but owners benefit from discounted rates for long term stays (30, 60, 90, or more days), luxury properties (with nightly rates starting at $1,000), and one-year contracts (instead of three months).

Off-site management, similar to half-service property management, is charged at 10% of income.

The company also asks for an onboarding fee of $300, which is unusual in the Airbnb management industry.

Interior design services are charged separately.

Air Concierge works with three-month and one-year contracts. Early terminations by the host are subject to a termination fee of $3,500 and $7,500, respectively.

Air Concierge Markets

End-to-end management services are available in:

Off-site Airbnb property management is accessible across the US market.

Air Concierge Reviews

Air Concierge customer reviews are available on:

Some Air Concierge customers praise the amazing services, the good account management, the driven results, the smooth operations, and the team expertise.

At the same time, other customers complain about nightmare experiences, mismanaged properties, lack of timely updates to the online portal, absence of on-site checks, wrong charges, and unhelpful customer support.

How to Get Started with Air Concierge

Customers get started by paying the $300 onboarding fee online, after which the Air Concierge team gets in touch with them.

6. SkyRun Vacation Rentals: Best for low-cost management

Our list of the best Airbnb property management companies concludes with SkyRun Vacation Rentals, a full-service provider. Barry Cox and Steve Falk established the company in 2004, with headquarters in Keystone, CO.

Currently, SkyRun Vacation Rentals manages more than 1,200 properties.

SkyRun Vacation Rentals Services

The full-service management provided by SkyRun Vacation Rentals includes:

SkyRun Vacation Rentals Pricing and Terms

The SkyRun Vacation Rentals monthly fee starts at 15% of revenue, which is in the lower range for full-service property management. However, the rate goes up for additional services.

There is no standard contract that hosts need to sign. The company works together with property owners to design an agreement that matches each particular property.

SkyRun Vacation Rentals Markets

SkyRun Vacation Rentals works in a few locations in 45+ US states as well as in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

SkyRun Vacation Rentals Reviews

SkyRun Vacation Rentals customer reviews are available on:

Positive reviews mention great experiences and helpful staff.

Negative reviews highlight disappointing experiences, poorly kept properties, neglected maintenance, lack of safety features, damaged appliances, and filthy rentals.

How to Get Started with SkyRun Vacation Rentals

Interested Airbnb property owners can call SkyRun Vacation Rentals or fill in an online form via the company website.

Bottom Line

These are the 6 best management companies for Airbnb properties in the US market. Vacasa and Evolve could be a good option for hosts who prefer to work with large companies, while RedAwning could work out for those interested in partial services only. Casago and Air Concierge are worth checking out if you rent out on a short term and long term basis, and SkyRun Vacation Rentals might be more affordable than other managers.

However, if you want a truly comprehensive solution with guaranteed results, you should contact Summer. They provide full-service Airbnb property management, from design and furnishing, all the way to guest communication and revenue optimization. In addition, they charge a single fee, starting at 20% of monthly income, excluding cleaning fees.


What Is Airbnb Property Management?

Airbnb property management, or vacation rental management, includes all the tasks and activities that are needed in order to list and rent out a property on a short term basis.

This starts with interior design and furnishing a short term rental and continues with listing the property on different websites. The process goes through actively marketing the rental, attracting guests, making sure renters have everything they need, and collecting 5-star reviews from them. It also requires handling licensing, permitting, cleaning, restocking, and maintaining the vacation rental.

Hosts that live close to their property and have enough time can manage their property on their own, usually with the help of tech-based Airbnb management tools. Those who invest away from home or have a full-time job tend to hire one of the best local Airbnb management companies.

The ultimate goal of Airbnb management, regardless of the strategy, is to rank high in guest searches, boost occupancy, maximize revenue, and optimize the ROI of an Airbnb business.

What Do Airbnb Property Management Companies Do?

The work delivered by vacation rental management companies varies, mostly depending on whether they are full-service or half-service property managers.

Full-service property management companies take care of all aspects of running a short term rental business, completely replacing the owner. In this way, hosts can earn passive income from their vacation rentals, while resting assured that their performance is optimized through professional hospitality services.

Half-service Airbnb managers focus on streamlining and automating tasks such as listing, marketing, guest communication, and team communication. However, they are not responsible for the day-to-day management activities like cleaning, restocking, inspections, and repairs.

When choosing the most appropriate management company, a host needs to consider their specific needs and expectations and look for the right fit.

How Much Airbnb Property Managers Charge?

The monthly Airbnb property management fees vary widely in accordance with the market, the services, the size of the company, and other factors.

Half-service companies usually charge 10-15% of monthly revenue.

Full-service property managers charge between 25% and 45% of monthly income.

In addition, some companies have separate fees for services like design, furnishing, hot tub management, linen program, etc.

Who Should Hire an Airbnb Property Management Company?

Many investors decide to manage their short term rentals on their own in order to retain control over their investment.

However, others prefer to work with a professional manager. Typically property owners who live far from their rental, who have a 9-to-5 job, who have no hospitality experience, and who prefer a passive real estate strategy go for one of the top Airbnb managers in the local market. As long as they carefully vet and select the best company, they benefit from enhanced revenue and increased profitability as a result of the professional management, the expertise in the hospitality industry, and the full-time devotion.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring an Airbnb Property Manager?

Working with a short term rental management company comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefits of hiring a professional manager include:

Meanwhile, the key drawbacks of assigning the management of your short term rental to a third-party property manager are:

How Can You Find the Best Airbnb Management Companies in Your Local Market?

Selecting the best short term rental management company is not a decision that should be taken lightly. The success of your Airbnb business depends largely on this choice.

Here is what you should do to find the best fit for your needs:

What Are the Best Alternatives to an Airbnb Property Manager?

While hiring a vacation rental management company is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Airbnb hosts, there are other options that can work out for those who would rather not rely on professionals. These include:

Can Airbnb Manage My Property?

No, Airbnb does not provide property management services. The services offered by the platform include:

No items found.

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