Summer Airbnb Management Review: Is Summer Worth It ?

Jun 12, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Summer is the best Airbnb management company in the US because it is highly selective, based on its ability to provide exceptional property management services for certain properties and locations, about the homes that it serves. As such, Summer operates a relatively small portfolio of valuable vacation rentals that outperform at least 95% of comps in their given markets. Meanwhile, monthly fees start at only 20% of booking revenue, excluding cleaning fees.

For a limited time, Summer is offering 3 months of management at 0% for new customers.

Summer Company Overview

Summer is a full-service vacation rental property management company that works exclusively with properties that make a minimum of $50,000 in Airbnb revenue per year. In addition to comprehensive property management services, Summer also offers professional design and furnishing to further boost short term rental performance.

Paul Kromidas founded Summer in 2021, with headquarters in New York, NY. As an Airbnb alum, Paul used his vacation rental industry experience and expertise to build the best Airbnb property management company in the US.

Because of its unique services, Summer-managed properties perform, on average, 20% better than market averages. The company has an Airbnb Superhost status, and its listings have an average ranking of 4.9+.

Summer Property Management Overview

Summer stands out from other Airbnb management companies because they only work with properties whose performance they can enhance, rather than adding as many new homes to their portfolio as possible. In this way, investors are not only able to enjoy passive income from their rentals but also rest assured that property performance and returns are maximized.

With Summer, members get access to the following benefits:

Importantly, the Airbnb property management services offered by Summer are flexible to the needs of each market and each rental that they work with.

Summer Airbnb Management Locations

Summer manages short term rentals across the US, but does not work in markets where its expected standard of operational quality cannot be achieved. During the membership evaluation process, Summer reviews not only the property but also the location (for markets where the company is not already present) to assess whether they can build a local team and deliver exceptional hospitality services.

To provide national coverage while maintaining excellent services, Summer puts together teams of local experts in each market where it operates. These include both dedicated employees to oversee the management of properties in the area and vetted maintenance staff.

The best way for interested hosts to understand if their home qualifies is to submit their property information via the online form on the Summer website.

Summer Property Type Coverage

Summer works with different types of residential properties rented out on a short term basis. These include single family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments, multifamily properties, and others.

The company onboards new investment properties to operate as vacation rentals for the first time as well as existing Airbnb rentals that need professional management to boost performance. Properties can be furnished, decorated, and ready to welcome guests, or hosts can opt in for Summer’s interior design and furnishing services.

The main qualification criterion is that eligible properties need to make at least $50,000 in annual revenue. The Summer team confirms income in a few ways: 1) Either the owner provides previous financial statements to verify revenue or 2) The Summer in-house underwriting team performs rental property analysis using its proprietary technology to calculate the expected income.

Summer Airbnb Property Management Services

As the top-ranked vacation rental manager in the US market, Summer offers truly comprehensive property management services as well as design and furnishing options.

Summer Vacation Rental Management Services

The full-service Airbnb management provided by Summer includes:

Services are customized for each property, based on property needs and owner preferences.

Summer Vacation Rental Design and Furnishing Services

In addition to property management services, Summer also offers vacation rental design and furnishing for properties and owners that need this.

There are three available packages to meet the needs of different rentals and hosts:

The Summer design team is headed by a seasoned New York-based interior designer with more than 10 years of experience in residential and commercial design. All designs aim to bring together creativity and functionality to go beyond pure aesthetics and create spaces that leave lasting impressions on guests.

Moreover, Summer can help with the planning and installation of various Airbnb amenities that can significantly boost bookings and revenue. These include but are not limited to swimming pools, hot tubs, mini golf courses, home movie theaters, gyms, and more.

The design and furnishing services are flexible in order to cover the needs of all rentals and address the preferences of all hosts. Owners can be as involved - or uninvolved - as they would like. This turns Summer into one of the best Airbnb design and furnishing companies.

How to Get Started with Summer

Getting started with Summer Airbnb management is easy. Interested vacation rental owners can submit their property for review via the Summer website and schedule a call.

During the initial membership application, owners work with a dedicated membership coordinator to discuss the property, analyze projected revenue, and confirm that the property and Summer are a good match.

After that, hosts sign a contract and get assigned a dedicated onboarding coordinator. Onboarding takes 2-4 weeks in order to inspect the property, make the rental ready for guests, take professional photos and videos, and get the optimized listing live. In case furnishing and decorating are needed, the process can be extended accordingly. Getting a property designed and furnished by Summer requires 6-8 weeks.

Once the property has been onboarded, hosts receive constant support from the local operations team.

Summer Airbnb Management Fees and Costs

Summer Airbnb management review shows that the company charges a single monthly fee that starts at only 20% of booking revenue, one of the lowest rates in the industry. Moreover, unlike other property managers, Summer calculates the fee based on the booking revenue only, excluding cleaning fees, which further lowers the total property management fee.

For example, if a vacation rental earns $5,000 per month in addition to $500 in cleaning fees, the Airbnb management cost is calculated on the $5,000 income only, adding up to 20% of $5,000 = $1,000.

The exact fee will be provided during the membership application process. It depends on the location, the property specifications, the required services, and the performance of the property, among other factors. Besides the monthly fee, Summer does not charge additional hidden fees.

The only additional cost, when relevant, is the price of design and furnishing. Pricing starts at $10,000 and depends on the selected package, the property size and number of rooms, the quality of furniture, the owner’s involvement, and the market.

Summer charges a consumables fee of $25 per reservation. This fee is used to cover the costs of linen, coffee, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, light bulbs, batteries, and other supplies.

Summer Airbnb Property Management Terms and Conditions

Summer does not require owners to sign long-term contracts. While there is a written vacation rental management agreement to outline the exact responsibilities of the company and the host and to specify the fee, owners are free to stay for as long as they are satisfied with the services provided by Summer.

Summer Reviews

Summer reviews by hosts confirm their satisfaction with the work of the company. Current owners highlight the deep quantitative analysis provided before onboarding, the aligned incentives, the practical solutions, and the affordable services.

Meanwhile, as an Airbnb Superhost, Summer has a 4.9+ average rating every quarter. In their Summer reviews on the Airbnb platform, guests praise the spacious and lovely rentals, the clean properties, the well-maintained spaces, the comfortable furniture, the top-quality linen, the perfect matches between listings and homes, the detailed instructions, the amazing stays and experiences, the excellent supplies, and the top locations.

Summer Competitors and Alternatives

For markets where Summer cannot guarantee operational excellence, they would rather help hosts find another property manager than provide sub-quality services.

Some of the most popular Summer alternatives in the US market include:

Summer vs Vacasa

Vacasa is the largest vacation rental property management company in North America, is present in 400+ markets, and works with 44,000+ properties. Vacasa provides full-service property management as well as half-service via Vacasa Guestworks.

Vacasa property management services include everything from listing and marketing to guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance. Vacasa does not offer interior design and furnishing. Some services, such as linen provision and home protection, are offered separately.

The company works with different types of short term rentals which need to be ready for listing. Vacasa does not provide a range of property management fees, which depend on the market and the home. In their reviews, hosts quote prices that frequently exceed 35% of monthly revenue. Moreover, based on Vacasa reviews, the quality of services varies widely from one location to another, which is likely to be the result of the company stretching too thin.

Summer vs AvantStay

AvantStay is another full-service competitor of Summer. The company operates 1,800+ rentals in 100+ US markets in multiple US states, which makes it significantly smaller than Vacasa.

AvantStay services are comprehensive, including listing, dynamic pricing, communication, housekeeping, maintenance, and financial reporting. Interior design, furnishing, and professional photography are available but charged additionally.

AvantStay offers two options in terms of fees: 1) Master Lease under which owners receive a fixed amount of revenue every month and 2) Vacation Rental Management under which they pay a percentage of monthly income to the property manager. The fee range is not specified on the company website. Some AvantStay reviews by hosts and guests report badly maintained properties, lack of basic utilities, broken appliances, unexpected charges, and unhelpful employees.

Summer vs Evolve

Evolve is the most popular half-service Airbnb management company, working with 30,000+ hosts in hundreds of US markets.

As a half-service provider, Evolve focuses on the automation and streamlining of the most time-consuming vacation rental management tasks. These include listing, marketing, pricing, guest support and communication, property and liability protection, and tax collection and remittance. Evolve is also able to connect hosts with local contractors for cleaning, housekeeping, and maintenance services, but owners need to remain involved in the management of their investment properties.

Evolve charges 10% of revenue, which is similar to the cost of other half-service property managers. Some Evolve property management reviews mention poor revenue estimates and dynamic pricing, low income generation, misguiding listing information, and unhelpful team members.

Bottom Line

Summer has built its reputation as the best Airbnb management company in the US. The company provides full-service management to various types of short term rentals that earn at least $50,000 per year. The exceptional services allow Summer-managed properties to outperform the majority of competitors in each market. Meanwhile, the management fee starts at only 20% of booking revenue, compared to an industry average rate of 25-40%.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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