Best Noise Monitors for Airbnb: 6 Top Choices

Jun 24, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Tired of constantly worrying about noise levels at your Airbnb? No one wants noisy neighbors that can disrupt the peacefulness in the surrounding areas, and keeping tabs on noise is crucial for ensuring your guests have a seamless stay with no complaints from your neighbors. Luckily, there are noise monitors available to assist you in this endeavor.

Let’s dive into the six best noise monitors for Airbnb hosts:

How We Selected the Best Airbnb Noise Monitors

Airbnb hosts should always protect their investment, and a single complaint from a neighbor can derail everything. One simple way to ensure that your guests are abiding by the rules and respecting quiet hours and noise laws is by installing a noise monitor. Don’t worry about doing the research, we’ve done everything so that you don’t have to.

Here’s how we determined the top noise monitors for Airbnb:

Using this criteria, we determined the best overall noise monitor to be Alertify. It’s exceptionally accurate in its noise level measurements and has a robust alert system with immediate notifications, among other features. It ticks off all our boxes effortlessly, making it the top choice for hosts looking to maintain a peaceful environment in their neighborhood.

1. Alertify: Best Overall Monitor

Alertify: Best Overall Monitor (Source: Alertify)

Preventing noise complaints from neighbors is crucial for a seamless guest experience. And for the best in overall noise monitoring, get Alertify. 

Priced at approximately $180 per year—which already comes with a sensor—you can get Alertify directly from their website.

From experience, Alertify provides precise measurements of noise levels with an automated guest alert feature that kicks in when the levels get too high. This helps you stay ahead of potential disturbances and address them promptly before they become issues.

Alertify also does more than just monitor noise, it also has features for indoor smoking detection, CO2 detection, air quality monitoring, mold risk detection, among others.

These features, and their real-time notifications, means you're always in the loop, even when you're not on-site.

Currently, Alertify doesn’t offer an outdoor sensor. If your property has a large patio where guests try to sneak parties in, then Alertify may not be the right sensor for your Airbnb. But, if you just need a reliable sensor to minimize the risk of noise complaints from neighbors, then Alertify is the best around.

2. Minut: Best Discreet Monitor

Minut: Best Discreet Monitor (Source: Amazon)

Looking for a noise monitor that's effective yet discreet? Meet Minut, designed to blend seamlessly into your Airbnb decor while keeping a vigilant eye (or ear) on noise levels. 

Minut has three pricing options, starting at $10 per month per home which includes core monitoring features (noise, occupancy and environment monitoring, security alarm, outdoor mode, etc.) and automated guest alerts. But, by upgrading to the $15/month plan, you also get a free Minut monitor and integrations with property management systems. 

We really like Minut for its unobtrusive design. Guests won't even notice it, allowing you to maintain a peaceful environment discreetly. It is also the only noise monitor to have collaborated with Airbnb—Airbnb hosts get discounts on Minut plans, and hosts can also connect their Minut apps with Airbnb.

Like Alertify, Minut does not currently have an outdoor sensor. And if you’re looking for an indoor/outdoor system, then Minut may not be the right sensor to choose. Still, for hosts that only care about monitoring noise indoors and need a discreet sensor to blend in with the interiors, then the Minut is great.

3. NoiseAware: Best Outdoor Monitor

NoiseAware: Best Outdoor Monitor (Source: Knectiv)

Managing noise levels outside your property is crucial to preventing neighbor complaints. Unfortunately, not many noise monitors are rated for outdoor use. That's where NoiseAware steps in.

Prices start at $15 per month which is billed annually and is recommended for up to 9 properties. With this plan, you get a free sensor that runs on WiFi, but you’ll still need to purchase an additional outdoor sensor for $99. Sign up on NoiseAware now.

Keep in mind that the other features that other monitors have (such as smoke detection and humidity or temperature sensors) is lacking from NoiseAware. NoiseAware is purely for ensuring a peaceful environment—it has a great noise sensor, crowd monitoring, and auto messaging, but that’s all it does.

What makes NoiseAware stand out is that it seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor monitoring, ensuring a wide coverage area. This approach heavily reduces the risk of neighbor complaints due to outdoor noise. However, depending on how large your property is, setting up multiple sensors can get pricey.

If you’re willing to pay the price because you need a sensor outdoors, NoiseAware is a must-have. While it may not be the most comprehensive sensor, it’s invaluable for creating a pleasant experience for your guests—and your neighbors—whether the noise is inside or out.

4. Roomonitor: Best for Affordable Monitoring

Roomonitor: Best for Affordable Monitoring (Source: Roomonitor)

While noise monitors aren’t the most hefty of investments, as hosts, we know you want to save money where you can. That’s where Roomonitor shines.

Check out the Roomonitor website where prices are in Euros. It costs approximately $128 per year (when converted from 120 EU) which you can pay either monthly or annually. By subscribing to the annual plan, Roomonitor will throw in a free monitor, making this the cheapest noise monitoring system by far.

And don’t think that you’re getting any less: Roomonitor has a comprehensive monitoring system that does more than noise detection. It has a crowd control feature, and detects air quality, smoke, temperature, and humidity. It even has an automated messaging feature and integrates with popular property management systems like Guesty.

Take note that Roomonitor is based in Europe, and so may not integrate with the PMS you’re using. However, it does integrate with Airbnb.

If you need a cheaper solution to monitoring, then Roomonitor should be your go-to option. It can give you the peace of mind you deserve for less than what other popular monitoring systems cost while still giving you reliable, real-time information.

5. Party Squasher: Best Proactive Monitor

Party Squasher: Best Proactive Monitor (Source: Amazon)

Party Squasher is not a noise monitor per se, but preventing noise disruptions before they happen is key to keeping your neighbors happy.

That's what Party Squasher does: it’s a great crowd control monitor that proactively alerts you to parties before they happen using the presence of mobile phones around the area.

Unfortunately, this cool device is a little more expensive than the other options on the list. In the first year, you’ll be charged $249 which includes a sensor, and then $199 every year thereafter. Party Squasher can be found on Amazon, and does offer discounts for more sensors.

While Party Squasher doesn’t monitor noise, this can actually be a good thing. A lot of guests are iffy about noise monitors in general, as they can feel intrusive. Party Squasher is a less invasive monitor that accomplishes the same thing in the end. So, if you want to be proactive about noise monitoring instead of relying on alerts from loud noises, then Party Squasher may just be the tool for you.

6. Alexa Echo Dot: Best Simple Solution

Alexa Echo Dot: Best Simple Solution (Source: Amazon)

Do you already have your Airbnb hooked up to Alexa? Don’t look to other noise monitoring systems and instead use what you already have.

As a huge plus, the Alexa Echo Dot 5th Gen, which is priced at $49.99 and is available from Amazon, doesn’t need any extra subscriptions. It also is very affordable and—as we all know—can do much more than just monitor the noise. However, it can also keep noise levels in check with its Sound Detection feature.

You can also set the Detection feature to alert you about smoke and CO2 alarms, as well as glass breaking. In short, it’s a much more well-rounded party monitor than it is a dedicated sound monitor.

As expected, the Echo Dot won’t offer the detailed noise analytics of dedicated monitors, so you can forget about gathering data. But, if you already have one on the premises, then it’s a straightforward and affordable solution to monitoring the noise on your property.

Bottom Line

Keeping the noise levels down and your Airbnb quiet is essential for keeping the peace with your neighbors. While each noise monitor above has its perks, Alertify takes the crown for its accuracy, smart integrations, comprehensive features, and real-time alerts. Trust us and invest in Alertify now, and keep those noise complaints at bay!

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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