Best Coffee Makers for Airbnb: Top 6 Options

Jun 27, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Every Airbnb needs a great coffee maker. A cup of coffee is the key to start your guests’ mornings, and you don’t want to disappoint by providing a lousy option that brews a bad cup of joe especially because there are so many coffee makers out there that can brew the perfect cup without any hassle.

But with so many options out there, how can you possibly choose the right coffee maker for your Airbnb? Fortunately, we’ve done it for you.

Here are the top six coffee makers you should consider for your Airbnb:

How We Selected the Best Coffee Makers for Airbnb

Choosing the right coffee maker for your Airbnb is essential. We’ve handpicked these machines based on key criteria that we determined will matter most to both hosts and guests alike.

Here are the criteria for choosing a coffee maker for your Airbnb:

Looking for the ultimate crowd-pleaser for your Airbnb? The Keurig K-Classic is top-rated for a reason. It’s incredibly easy to use, making it perfect for guests without much experience in brewing their own coffee. The Keurig K-Classic is the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and value, making it our top overall pick for any Airbnb.

1. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker: Best Overall Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker (Source: Amazon)

The Keurig K-Classic stands out as the best overall coffee maker for Airbnbs due to its simplicity and versatility. Priced at $79.99 on Amazon (you can also find it on Keurig), you can’t go wrong with this highly-rated machine.

This machine works with the K-Cup system, and while it isn’t as versatile as a Nespresso machine, guests will still have a wide range of coffee flavors (and sizes) to choose from, ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they want. 

This coffee maker stands out because of its large 48-ounce water reservoir, which can brew up to 6 cups before needing a refill. It also has an exceptionally fast brew time, perfect for guests on the go.

However, the K-Classic can be noisy, and K-Cups are notoriously more expensive than their Nespresso counterparts (and especially ground coffee). But, if you’re looking for a convenient machine that will give your guests everything they want, then the Keurig K-Classic is your best bet.

2. Amazon Basics Programmable Coffeemaker: Best Budget Coffee Maker

Amazon Basics Programmable Coffeemaker (Source: Amazon)

Amazon Basics is known for great quality and low prices, and the Amazon Basics Programmable Coffeemaker is no exception! This is the perfect solution for hosts looking to save without compromising quality. It’s very straightforward to use, and its programmable feature means guests can wake up to freshly brewed coffee every day.

This budget-friendly option costs $34.99 and is available on Amazon. For the price, it includes a programmable function, a reusable filter (though we suggest providing paper filters for ease of cleaning), and a 12-cup capacity, which is great for larger groups. It also doesn’t take up much counter space unlike some other clunkier models, although this is made out of stainless steel.

Don’t expect the moon, however: this coffee maker is lightweight and the included filter isn’t that great. Despite these minor issues, the Amazon Basics Programmable Coffeemaker is our pick for top-notch performance at an unbeatable price.

3. Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe: Best Luxury Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe (Source: Amazon)

At the other end of the price scale is the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe—our pick for hosts who want to offer a well-rounded and high-end Airbnb experience.

This luxury coffee maker allows guests to enjoy barista-quality espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes right in their Airbnb. It has a simple selection process with its easy-to-use control panel and an automatic milk frother. It is also compatible with ESE espresso pods.

With all the bells and whistles, don’t expect this machine to come cheap. It’s currently $399.99 on Amazon, which we believe is well worth it if you have the money to burn.

Aside from the primary drawback of its higher price point, it does need more frequent cleaning and maintenance due to its milk frothing system. But don’t worry, this has dishwasher-safe parts for easier cleaning.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for luxury in a coffee maker to impress your guests, the Mr. Coffee Prima Latte Luxe is worth the investment.

4. Hamilton Beach 49911 FlexBrew Trio: Best WiFi-Enabled Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49911 FlexBrew Trio (Source: Amazon)

There’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t blessed with personal assistants. The next best thing? The Hamilton Beach 49911 FlexBrew Trio—the best WiFi-enabled coffee maker in the market. 

With the convenience of remote brewing, guests can easily start their coffee from their smartphone. And for only $129.99 on Amazon, we’re sure your guests will love the convenience of this nifty machine.

Other standouts of this machine include the FlexBrew system that lets guests choose between single-serve and full pot brewing. It is compatible with Alexa, so it’s a no-brainer if you already have your Alexa home system set up.

However, setting up the WiFi can be tricky, and the machine isn’t compatible with the HomeKit or Google Assistant. If your Airbnb is running on these systems, then the machine may not be as useful. But, if you’re already using Alexa, and you want to offer modern convenience and flexibility to your guests, then the Hamilton Beach 49911 FlexBrew Trio may just be the right machine for you.

5. Black+Decker 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker for Large Groups

Black+Decker 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker (Source: Amazon)

Airbnbs that frequently host large groups can’t rely on a single serve coffee maker (no matter how reliable they are, like the Keurig). For larger groups, the Black+Decker 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker is a lifesaver. 

Its large capacity ensures that everyone can enjoy a hot cup of coffee without waiting, making mornings smoother for your guests. And, at $37.99 on Amazon, this is only slightly more expensive than our budget option.

With its price, don’t expect the most modern features: it has a digital display, programmable timer, and a sneak-a-cup feature, allowing guests to grab a cup mid-brew. It holds enough water to brew 12 cups without needing to refill, and it is dependable enough to brew good coffee every time.

What we dislike about this coffee maker is its simplicity. While it’s reliable, don’t expect much more from it. Nonetheless, for large groups that need a quick (and efficient) coffee fix, the Black+Decker 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker is a great, no-fuss solution.

6. Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker: Best Coffee Maker for a Small Space

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker (Source: Amazon)

When space is at a premium, look to the Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker. This compact machine makes it perfect for tinier-than-average kitchens with little-to-no storage space. Despite its small footprint, it delivers the same quality that we all know and expect from Keurig.

This nifty machine is $59.99 on Amazon. It comes in seven cute colors to match any kitchen aesthetic. But what we like most about it is that it’s designed to be space-saving, with cord storage and a profile less than 5-inches wide.

Like all Keurigs, this machine is so easy to use, and your guests will love the simplicity and versatility of the machine (if they dislike K-Cups, this machine is also compatible with ground coffee). But the K-Mini is limited to single-serve brewing and requires very frequent refilling, which is a pain for multiple guests.

Still, we think its compact design and ease of use makes it an excellent choice for smaller Airbnbs, especially if counter space is at a premium.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect coffee maker can be a hassle, but it’s well worth it in the end. If you’re still looking, then we recommend the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker—our standout pick. Its ease of use, versatility, and consistent quality make it a favorite among guests and Airbnb hosts alike. And, for its price, you definitely can’t go wrong!

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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