Best Airbnb Furnishing Services For New Hosts

Jun 11, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Often, the best way to get your property ready for listing and renting out to guests is to hire professional Airbnb furnishing services. Otherwise, the process might take up to 16 weeks, and the results are still likely to be suboptimal. How a vacation rental is designed and furnished plays a major role in attracting reservations, boosting guest satisfaction, receiving 5-star reviews, and getting repeat customers. That’s why it should not be handled carelessly.

Here we’ve ranked the four best Airbnb furnishing services available to hosts in the US market. We’ve focused on companies that offer customizable services, use high-quality furniture, benefit from industry discounts, and work nationwide.

The top Airbnb furnishing companies are:

How We Selected the Best Airbnb Furnishing Services

When choosing the top vacation rental design and furnishing services for hosts, we applied the following criteria:

Summer: Best Overall Airbnb Furnishing Company

Summer is the top Airbnb furnishing services provider in the US. The company offers a one-stop-shop solution for hosts. After designing and furnishing your investment property in a way that maximizes bookings and revenue, Summer can provide all-inclusive vacation rental property management services. This allows owners to earn passive income while resting assured that the performance of their investment is optimized.

Summer was founded by Paul Kromidas in 2021, with headquarters in New York, NY, benefiting from his extensive experiences at Airbnb.

Summer’s Head of Design - Pete Trentacoste - is an experienced New York-based interior designer who has worked with residential and commercial properties for more than 10 years. With his expertise, Summer offers innovative designs that are also functional in order to go beyond pure aesthetics and deliver the best guest experiences at reasonable prices.

Summer’s short term rental furnishing services are fully customizable and vary from basic to luxurious to meet the needs of all markets and all properties, accounting for the preferences of hosts and their budgets. All designs are stylish yet timeless and furniture is durable to ensure that your property continues to serve you for years to come.

Summer Airbnb Furnishing Services

Summer vacation rental furnishing services work for properties that are already operating as rentals but need some improvements to boost performance as well as new investments that require completely new design and furnishing. The company does not use preset templates, and services are entirely based on the needs and requirements of each property and each host. They range from interior design and assistance in selecting furniture items, all the way to decor and furniture sourcing and installation.

In addition to covering the basics, Summer also offers extra services like landscaping, complete home renovations, and the design and installation of premium amenities, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, mini golf courses, home gyms, home movie theaters, and more.

There are three Summer Airbnb design and furnishing packages from which hosts can choose:

Short term rental property owners can choose the package that best fits their property and their needs.

Summer designs and furnishes vacation rentals across the entire US market.

Summer Airbnb Furnishing Process

The Summer Airbnb furnishing process is designed to be straightforward and requires the completion of these four steps:

  1. Introductory call during which the Summer design team gets acquainted with the host and the property and learns everything they need to know about the space and the owner’s goals, preferences, and budget
  2. Design direction presentation during which the Summer team prepares personalized mood boards based on a coherent interior design concept and including all furniture and decor choices. The concept is presented to and discussed with the owner for their input. Summer and the host work together until the host is entirely happy with the design. This process takes about 2 weeks
  3. Fully managed home installation and setup during which the Summer team oversees the necessary construction works, furniture delivery, and setup of all items and furnishing touches. This process takes 4-6 weeks
  4. Going live where the fully furnished property is handed over to the owner (for hosts who prefer to self-manage) or gets managed by Summer (for hosts who’d like to make passive income by hiring the best Airbnb property management company)

With Summer, property owners can choose how involved to be in the design and furnishing process. If they have a specific vision, the design team can turn it into reality, with the owner's feedback at all stages of the process. If, on the other hand, an owner prefers a hands-off approach, Summer has the skills and expertise to furnish a property within the required budget in a way that guarantees guest satisfaction and optimal performance in the local market. Summer-furnished rentals earn more revenue than 95% of comps within the same location.

The entire process takes up to 8 weeks on average, or about half the time it takes a non-professional.

Summer Airbnb Furnishing Costs

The price of Summer Airbnb furnishing services starts at $10,000 and goes up for bigger properties and more comprehensive services.

The factors that determine the final cost include:

Based on all these factors, Summer quotes a single Airbnb furnishing fee that includes all necessary services according to the host preferences. Hosts can expect a quote after the introductory call, after which they need to pay a deposit to launch the process. The remainder of the fee is paid after the completion of the furnishing project.

To get started with Summer Airbnb furnishing services, owners can schedule a call.

Showplace: Best for Small Airbnb Properties

Showplace is an Airbnb design and furnishing services company that could be a good fit for smaller, less sophisticated short term rentals. They work with both property investors and professional property managers who need furnishing services.

Showplace was started by Justin Miller in 2019, with headquarters in Denver, CO. The company developed as a result of the owner’s frustration with furnishing his own Airbnb property.

Showplace provides two options: 1) Full-service short term rental design and furnishing services for passive investors and 2) Purchasing furniture and decor items from the company’s online shop for owners who want to get their property ready for listing on their own. According to reviews by hosts, the furnishing package saves up to 150 hours of work and boosts annual revenue by 22%.

Showplace Airbnb Furnishing Services

Showplace vacation rental furnishing services are customizable. The company handles both properties that need complete preparation before getting listed for the first time and those that require only partial services to improve guest experiences. Eligible properties include homes rented out on a short-term or mid-term basis. Property owners and property managers who hire Showplace can choose how involved to be in the process which is headed by an expert designer.

While Showplace seems to provide comprehensive indoor furnishing services, there is no mention of designing and furnishing outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens, BBQs, swimming pools, and hot tubs. These amenities are an important factor in enhancing Airbnb revenue, and owners who offer them would need to look elsewhere when preparing their rentals for listing.

Meanwhile, investors and managers who want to design and furnish their properties by themselves can access the Showplace online platform for a curated selection of furniture and decor items. Available furniture covers the dining room, the living room, and the bedroom. Additional items include bedding, towels, curtains, mats, linens, small appliances, high chairs, boosters, and toiletry dispensers as well as cookware, dinnerware, flatware, drinkware, utensils, maintenance tools, and others. Once again, outdoor furniture is not offered.

Furthermore, Airbnb hosts can make a one-time purchase of various supplies or automate the restocking of consumable supplies. Available Airbnb supplies include toiletries, detergents, softeners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dishwasher detergents, air fresheners, storage bags, plastic wrap, foil, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, spices, pet treats, and more.

Showplace services are available across the US.

Showplace Airbnb Furnishing Process

Getting a short term rental furnished by Showplace takes a total of four steps:

  1. Getting to know each other where the Showplace team organizes a Zoom call to learn about the property needs, goals, and budget, comes up with a strategy, and walks the owner through the rest of the process
  2. Designing where the Showplace expert designer and the owner work together to come up with a design that will have a positive impact on guest experiences and be easy to maintain
  3. Signing off and furniture shipping where Showplace procures the furniture and decor items and gets them delivered to the property after the owner has signed off on the interior design
  4. Setting up where Showplace offers both DIY options and white glove services, depending on the host’s preferences and budget

On average, Showplace is able to furnish an Airbnb in about 6 weeks, but sometimes the company needs up to 8 weeks, depending on the market and the property. Expedited services of less than 6 weeks are usually available for additional fees.

Showplace Airbnb Furnishing Costs

The Showplace website does not provide an Airbnb furnishing cost range. In general, the pricing depends on the square footage of the vacation rental and some other factors.

Owners can use the free Furnished Calculator available on the company website to estimate the cost of designing and furnishing their property based on its:

The calculator offers a list of recommended furniture and decor items for each bedroom as well as a price range. However, there is no estimate of the total cost of furnishing the entire property including the living room, the dining room, and outdoor spaces.

A final pricing quote is provided after the introductory Zoom call.

Whether opting for full-service Airbnb interior design and furnishing services or shopping furniture via the Showplace marketplace, property owners benefit from discounted volume pricing offered by brands to Showplace customers.

To get started with Showplace Airbnb furnishing services, investors and property managers can schedule a call or sign up on the company website.

STR Cribs: Best for Large-Scale Renovation Projects

STR Cribs is a data-driven short term rental renovation, design, and furnishing company. Unlike most other Airbnb furnishing services providers, the company takes on major renovation projects when needed.

STR Cribs was launched in 2020 and offers designs that are customized for the ideal guest persona for each specific rental.

The company provides comprehensive services that include interior and exterior design, furnishing, and renovations. According to data from STR Cribs, properties furnished by them experience 60% higher occupancy rates, 40% higher average daily rates, and over $50,000 in annual revenue.

STR Cribs Airbnb Furnishing Services

STR Cribs offers two core Airbnb furnishing services:

STR Cribs Design

The STR Cribs design services cover the design and furnishing of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The services include:

With these services, hosts can get their vacation rentals furnished based on industry data.

STR Cribs Renovation

The STR Cribs renovation services help hosts implement major works on their properties to improve performance.

The covered services include:

With these services, owners can make major changes to their short term rentals to attract more bookings and earn more income.

STR Cribs Airbnb Furnishing Process

The process of having your Airbnb property furnished by STR Cribs requires going through the following steps:

  1. Discovery call when the STR Cribs team and the host discuss the right amenities, the budget, and other details and look into data to identify what works and will optimize performance
  2. Deciding if this is the right fit after receiving and reviewing the rough scope, timeline, and budget. At this stage, the owner needs to sign an agreement and pay a deposit if they would like to move forward with STR Cribs Airbnb furnishing services
  3. Working on a design and/or renovation plan when the owner partners with a dedicated project manager to provide feedback on suggested concepts and approve a final proposal. This takes 1-2 weeks
  4. Performing design and/or renovation work when STR Cribs executes the project, including final design touches, necessary permits, a final clean, photography, and supply stocking. This takes 2-8 weeks

Short term rental property investors can decide how involved or not to be in the process, depending on their preferences, expertise, and availability.

The entire Airbnb furnishing process takes 3-10 weeks with STR Cribs.

STR Cribs Airbnb Furnishing Costs

The STR Cribs website does not offer any information on the cost of the short term rental design and furnishing services provided by the company. It is not clear what factors determine the pricing either.

Hosts receive a rough estimate of the cost after the discovery call and the final quote once the design or renovation plan has been finalized and approved.

To get started with STR Cribs Airbnb furnishing services, hosts can book an introductory call on the company website or call 541-606-7200.

Furnishr: Best for Big Airbnb Properties

Last on our list of the best Airbnb furnishing companies is Furnishr. While the company does not specialize in short term rentals exclusively, their services could be a good fit for Airbnb hosts due to the comprehensiveness and flexibility.

Furnishr was created by Michael Van and Karen Lau in 2018, with headquarters in Toronto, ON. The company aims to make furnishing a property easy by filling the gap between decorators and suppliers.

As Furnishr does not limit its services to vacation rentals only, there is no estimate of the expected performance improvement.

Furnishr Airbnb Furnishing Services

Furnishr provides full-service Airbnb furnishing to entire properties, from design to installation. The exact services include:

Moreover, the Furnishr team can remove existing furniture and keep it out of the landfill for an additional fee. They can also recycle and reprocess old furniture in line with best environmental practices. Alternatively, owners need to remove all furniture before the delivery day.

It’s important for vacation rental property owners to note that Furnishr does not mount wall art, mirrors, or anything else onto walls and ceilings.

Furnishr works with three Airbnb furnishing packages:

Furnishr services are available for various residential properties, from studios to 4+ bedroom houses. The company covers most cities in the continental US as well as Canada. They do not work in Alaska and Hawaii.

Furnishr Airbnb Furnishing Process

Getting an Airbnb property furnished by Furnishr requires the following steps:

  1. Design request submission: Owners can submit a design request via the Furnishr website by answering a series of questions about the project. Upon submission, they can view mood boards based on selected images and book a design consultation
  2. Design consultation: The Furnishr team presents their plan for the property, the budget, and the process. They present design examples from similar projects and use the mood boards to understand the host’s style preferences
  3. Initial proposal review: After receiving a $300 design deposit, the team creates a custom design proposal with two design packages, including all necessary furniture and decor products. Owners provide feedback until they are fully happy with the final design package. Receiving the initial design proposal takes 2-3 business days
  4. Final design package purchase: Owners buy the final package, covering the product costs, delivery, and setup
  5. Delivery: The delivery manager and the host choose the optimal delivery day and time. Delivery takes 2-4 weeks after purchasing the final design package
  6. Setup: Furnishr sets up each item in each room on the same day as delivery, excluding products that need to be mounted on walls or ceilings. Afterwards, they clean the packaging debris. This takes 3-6 hours

The entire process takes around 3-5 weeks.

Most products with which Furnishr works come with a one-year warranty.

In case owners are not happy with any of the furniture items, they can request a return or an exchange within 10 days after delivery. Owners receive a partial refund for returned items.

Furnishr Airbnb Furnishing Costs

The price of Furnishr vacation rental furnishing services depends mostly on:

The average costs reported by Furnishr are:

The company portfolio shows that the price can reach up to $50,000 or more for big homes with luxury furniture. Overall, the cost is comparable to the prices quoted by other Airbnb furnishing services providers.

Some additional costs that owners need to consider when hiring Furnishr include:

Interested hosts can use the Cost Calculator on the Furnishr website to estimate the expected cost based on their property’s characteristics. However, they will receive the final quote with the final design proposal.

To get started with Furnishr Airbnb furnishing services, property owners can submit a proposal request or book a design call via the company website.

Bottom Line

These are the best Airbnb furnishing services for hosts who would like to work with professionals that can help them maximize revenue and profit. What makes Summer different from other design and furnishing companies is the truly comprehensive services provided at competitive pricing. Within 6-8 weeks, you can have your short term rental professionally designed, furnished, decorated, and cleaned in a way that will make it generate more income than at least 95% of competitors in the area.

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