Best Short Term Rental Software: 6 Top Choices

Jun 24, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

It’s hard to believe that there are still short-term rental hosts who are reliant on manual inputs and research. Hosts managing their Airbnbs the old-fashioned way are missing out on some serious ease and efficiency. The right short-term rental software can streamline your bookings, optimize pricing, and handle all the little details so that you don’t have to—saving you time, effort, and money overall.

Here are our picks for the best short term rental software to look at:

How We Selected the Best Short Term Rental Software

Picking the right software for your short-term rental business isn't just about fancy features—it's about finding the perfect fit for your needs. We dove deep into the options out there and looked at what really matters to hosts.

Here’s what we looked for in short term rental software:

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, we highly recommend Lodgify. Our overall best STR software has all the features you could possibly need to optimize and manage your vacation rental efficiently in a user-friendly dashboard.

1. Lodgify: Best Overall STR Software

Lodgify is our pick for the best overall short-term rental software because it’s packed with features. It's perfect for hosts starting from scratch as you get property management software, a channel manager, a booking system, dynamic pricing features, and even a website builder. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with big names like Airbnb and, so you can keep all your reservations in one place.

Standout features include the user-friendly interface and stellar customer support that make it easy to set up and manage your properties without any hassle. It even includes automation features, like automated guest messaging, that will save you a lot of time.

You can get started with Lodgify for as low as $16 per month if you opt for the annual plan. For more details visit Lodgify's website.

On the downside, its prices can get steep for hosts with multiple properties since Lodgify charges per property. And, while it offers a broad range of features, it doesn't have as many specialized options as some other tools we’ve tried. For example, its dynamic pricing feature is great but lacks the advanced analytics found elsewhere. Still, if you want a robust, all-in-one solution, Lodgify is our top choice.

2. Wheelhouse: Best for Dynamic Pricing

If you’re looking specifically for dynamic pricing capabilities, Wheelhouse is your go-to. Dynamic pricing uses advanced algorithms to automatically analyze market trends and adjust your prices accordingly, without you having to lift a finger. It’s the best way to optimize your pricing strategy, especially during peak seasons.

Wheelhouse offers different pricing plans—one based on 1% of your revenue (plus a $2.99 monthly fee), and one that charges a flat $19.99 per listing. You can learn more on Wheelhouse's website.

For the price, you get software with comprehensive data analytics that provide insights to help you make informed decisions about your pricing strategy. Don’t worry, the tool also makes suggestions based on your risk tolerance. Everything is placed in an easy-to-use dashboard so you can monitor and adjust your performance accordingly.

While Wheelhouse can be a bit overwhelming at first due to its data-heavy interface, hosts who want to optimize their pricing and boost revenue should really invest in this tool.

3. Guesty: Best for Property Management

Guesty is our recommendation for property management, particularly for hosts with multiple listings. This software is all about making your life easier by automating tasks like booking management, guest communication, and coordinating with your staff. Like Lodgify, it also has a comprehensive set of features that can enable hosts to do practically anything they need.

While those features are impressive, what really sets Guesty apart is its ability to sync with various booking platforms and provide a unified calendar. This makes it a must-have for hosts managing several properties.

Guesty offers 3 plans—the cheapest starting at $16 per month billed annually, with a custom pricing plan for larger portfolios. For more information, visit Guesty.

Don’t get us wrong: Guesty can be pricey, especially for hosts with more than 3 properties (their Pro plan requires a custom quote). Despite this, Guesty’s user-friendly interface and great property management features make it our top pick for managing your properties with ease.

4. Hospitable: Best for Communication

Formerly called Smartbnb, Hospitable is our top choice for communication. It’s the ideal solution for hosts who want to maintain high engagement without a lot of manual effort. It automates messaging across multiple platforms with numerous templates and AI—with natural language capabilities—to help hosts get started.

Unfortunately, these features come with a hefty price: Hospitable starts at $29 per month, and only goes up for every additional listing. You can find out more about their pricing scheme on the Hospitable website.

While it’s top-notch at communication, the prices do hurt. Some hosts may also find the initial setup of the messaging feature tedious. However, it’s still an effective and excellent investment for hosts who prioritize efficient guest communication.

5. Hostfully: Best for Multiple Channels

Managing bookings across channels? Hostfully excels in this. Whether you’re posting on Airbnb, Vrbo, TripAdvisor,, or all 4, it simplifies the complex task of juggling different calendars and guest communications. Never miss a message or double-book a property ever again!

What we like about Hostfully is its digital guidebooks which provide all necessary information in one place for the convenience of your guests.

Hostfully charges $119 per month for its cheapest option, with scalable options for larger portfolios. Guidebooks will cost extra. Hosts who want more details can visit Hostfully.

Hostfully prices are definitely on the higher side, and hosts with only a few properties may not find it worth it. But, for hosts managing multiple channels, Hostfully is a very valuable tool that can streamline your operations.

6. AirDNA: Best for Data-Driven Decisions

If you love diving into data to fine-tune your rental strategy, or you want to get started with it, AirDNA is your best bet. This software provides detailed market data, like occupancy rates, average daily rates, and revenue potential, helping you make smart decisions about pricing and property investments.

AirDNA's real strength is in its deep insights and market comparisons, which can really help hosts strategize. They offer a variety of pricing options, including a free basic account, with paid plans starting at $15 per month. You can find out more on AirDNA's website.

The only catch is that the sheer amount of data can be a bit much if you're not used to market analytics. But if you're ready to harness data to grow your business, AirDNA is an invaluable tool that provides powerful insights and practical advice.

Bottom Line

There are so many short-term rental software out there that do many things. But, if you’re not looking for a specific solution to your problem, go with Lodgify. While it’s not the most advanced in terms of its features, this easy-to-use tool has a full suite of capabilities that can help you build your rental business from the ground up, or grow it if you’ve already started.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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