The Best Airbnb Titles to Use

Jun 27, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

As of 2024, there are currently over 7.7 million active listings on the platform. Even if we narrow that down to only listings in your immediate area, you’re still talking about competing with hundreds of properties if you’re lucky.

So, how do you set your properties apart from all the other Airbnbs out there? Of course, the quality of your property helps (and so do the pictures that you take of it). But the first impression you make will always be with your title. A catchy and compelling title will hopefully catch the eye of potential guests and entice them to click on your listing. But how do you craft a perfectly optimized title? We’ll show you how with 6 simple tips.

1. Know Everything About Your Property… and Your Audience

The first tip is to know every inch of your property from top to bottom, and why it should appeal to your intended audience. Then you should showcase this knowledge in your title.

For example, if you’re marketing a studio in the city center that’s perfect for business travelers, you shouldn’t be using words like “chic” or “elegant”, even if your property is chic and elegant. Instead, use words like “convenient” and “modern”. You can even be more descriptive and say that your studio is “located in a central business district”. In short, ask yourself who your Airbnb is for, and narrow down the words to appeal to that specific audience.

2. Use Descriptive Language

Aside from knowing who your Airbnb’s target audience is, you should also be aware of adjectives that invoke a certain feeling. Words like “romantic”, “rustic”, and “cozy” can paint a picture for your guests much better than a clinical description of your Airbnb can.

See the difference between Charming 1BR Cottage for a Romantic Getaway and 1 BR Cottage Perfect for 2—both are describing the same listing, but one appeals more to guests looking for a specific setting.

3. But Keep It Short and Catchy

You may be tempted to add all the adjectives to set your Airbnb apart, but unfortunately Airbnb limits titles to 50 characters (unless you’re using external software). Remember, it’s important to be descriptive, but no one wants to be overwhelmed with too much information.

That’s why it’s also important to note down common Airbnb abbreviations, like BR (bedroom), DT (downtown), BA (bathroom), and AC (air conditioning). These can help you create a more well-rounded and informative title without going over the limit.

Take note that you can also add emojis to your title, but we recommend staying away from those unless you’re very sure your audience will take kindly to them. Emojis tend to make your listing look more unprofessional—definitely not something you’d want, unless you’re aiming for a younger crowd.

4. Figure Out Your Selling Point

Every successful listing has a unique selling point (USP), so what’s yours?
Is it the stunning view? The newly added amenities? Or the proximity to shops and restaurants? Whatever it is, you should add it to your title to set your listing apart.

Take these Airbnb titles for example (and yes, these are actual listing names):

See how each listing added their USP in their title? Which brings us to our next tip…

5. Add Some Local Flavor

If your unique selling point is near any landmarks or famous historic places, then add it. Including local tourist spots and attractions is a surefire way to get the tourists knocking on your Airbnb’s door.

Here are some real-life examples of Airbnb titles adding local flavor:

Of course, we highly recommend against lying. If your Airbnb is in New York and yet you’re closer to the Upper West Side than you are to Lady Liberty, then please don’t say you’re just “steps away” from the view. Nothing will tank your reviews faster than stretching the truth (or telling an outright lie).

6. Create a Brand

It’s easier said than done, but if you’re managing multiple listings—especially if you have a certain aesthetic that sets your listings apart—you should take advantage by creating a brand. 

Many Airbnb hosts have jumped on to this trend, and for very good reason. A brand will help your listing stand out (especially to repeat guests) and it shows professionalism and that you’re confident about the quality of your listing.

Look at this listing: Mint House At 70 Pine: 1 Bedroom Deluxe Suite (run by Mint House At 70 Pine, obviously).

Even if you aren’t managing multiple listings, you can still create a brand by “naming” your Airbnb, like Coral Reef Villa - Steps from beach / Private Pool, Zion EcoCabin: Private Hot Tub, Zion Canyon Views, and The Belmonte Penthouse | 8min→Lleras Park.

Branding your Airbnb correctly builds a lot of marketing value, and if you’re willing to go the extra mile by creating social media channels for your listings, you can significantly amplify your reach, engagement, and bookings.

Bottom Line

Crafting the perfect Airbnb title can be confusing for a beginner to the platform, but don’t give up! A well-thought-of title can significantly increase your listing’s visibility and attractiveness to potential guests.

So, use these six tips above to refine your title and remember that you’re doing more than just providing information. You need to be able to captivate your guests and help them envision their stay at your property. With the right approach, your title will be the key that sets your listing apart from your competition.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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