Best Pillows for Airbnb: Top 6 Options

Jun 21, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

As an Airbnb host, you know how much a good night’s sleep can influence your guests’ stay, and one of the simplest ways to ensure good sleep is by investing in high-quality pillows. The right pillow can make all the difference, and whether your guests wake up refreshed or groggy highly depends on the quality of your beddings.

To help you make the best choice for pillows, we looked through hundreds of the top contenders in the market and found the best six pillows that are sure to make your guests happy.

Here are our top 6 pillows for Airbnb:

How We Selected the Best Pillows for Airbnb

Choosing the perfect pillows for your Airbnb isn’t just about picking the fluffiest option on the shelf. We created a stringent criteria to find pillows that strike the perfect balance between comfort, durability, and affordability.

Here’s a peek into how we judged the pillows for your Airbnb:

The perfect balance between comfort, support, and affordability is hard to find, but we found it in the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows, our overall top choice for the best pillows for your Airbnb. They’re plush, affordable, and easy to maintain—a practical and reliable choice for any Airbnb host!

1. Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows: Best Overall Pillows

Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows (Source: Amazon)

Looking for exceptional comfort and support at an affordable price? Our best overall choice is the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows. They can be found on Amazon for $27.99 for a pack of 2.

The pillows’ plush premium poly fiber filling adjusts to different sleep positions, so whether your guests are sleeping on their stomachs, backs, or sides, these pillows promise all-night support. The pillows are also made of hypoallergenic material which your guests will be thankful for, especially during allergy season.

Even though the pillows are made from a polycotton blend, they stay cool on both sides all night. The fill also stays fluffy and doesn’t get lumpy, which is so often the case with cheaper pillows.

While customers have successfully washed these in machines, the manufacturer recommends hand washing them, which is a huge downside for an Airbnb host. This is really the only issue with these amazing pillows.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to spend the least amount of money possible while still providing exceptional comfort, the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows are our top pick.

2. EIUE Hotel Collection Bed Pillows: Best Budget Pillows

EIUE Hotel Collection Bed Pillows (Source: Amazon)

Hosts on an extremely tight budget may want to take a look at the EIUE Hotel Collection Bed Pillows. These pillows are available for about $16.99 for a set of 2 on Amazon for a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

These super soft pillows are made from down alternative microfiber which stays breathable throughout the night. While some guests may want a firmer pillow, and their lack of support may be an issue, you’d be hard pressed to find a guest who complains heavily about these super fluffy pillows. In fact, many customers comment on how thick and fluffy these pillows are (which is both a positive and a negative, depending on your preferences).

To make it easy on you, these are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low without compromising their quality. We can attest to the fact that these retain their shape, even after multiple washes.

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, the EIUE Hotel Collection Bed Pillows are a fantastic option that fit the bill exactly.

3. Lincove Cloud Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow: Best Luxury Pillows

Lincove Cloud Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow (Source: Amazon)

We’ll just come out and say it: the ultimate luxury pillow is the Lincove Cloud Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow. The is filled with premium 625 fill power Canadian white down, which is undeniably soft and plush.

But, at $149 per pillow, they’re not cheap. If you’re not put off by the price tag, then you can find them on Amazon. We promise your guests will feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud.

The rest of the pillow is pretty spectacular: it has a 500 thread count 100% cotton sateen shell that is extremely soft and breathable. For all the hosts worried about these pillows, they’re even certified ethically sourced.

As you can imagine, the pillow isn’t great for low-maintenance hosts. For one, the price tag is extremely steep. The manufacturer also recommends only dry cleaning these pillows, which is unsustainable for many hosts.

But if you want to impress your guests, and you want to pattern your Airbnb after the Ritz, then give the Lincove Cloud Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow a try. We think it more than justifies its higher price with unmatched comfort and superb quality.

4. Coop Home Goods Original Adjustable Pillow: Best for Customizable Comfort

Coop Home Goods Original Adjustable Pillow (Source: Amazon)

Guests come with varying preferences, which means that it can be hard to know what they like in their pillows. Fortunately, the Coop Home Goods Original Adjustable Pillow has shredded memory foam that can be added or removed to adjust the loft and firmness to each guest's liking. 

Available on Amazon for $75, it isn’t a cheap pillow but it does offer a more personalized sleep experience.

One thing great about pricier pillows is that you can be sure of their strict manufacturing standards. These are CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified, so they don’t have any harmful chemicals that can affect the health of your guests or the environment. 

But what sets the pillow apart is the adjustable memory foam fill which your guests can add or remove to their liking. If you’re running out of fill, you can purchase extras on their website for $17. 

The pillow also comes with a machine washable cover made from Lulltra fabric, which stays fresh and breathable. Customers also love how it maintains its shape over time. 

Aside from the higher price tag, guests might find the adjustment process a bit tedious as they look for their perfect comfort level. However, if you’re looking to provide a tailored sleeping experience, then having a customizable pillow like the Coop Home Goods Original Adjustable Pillow is invaluable.

5. Digital Decor 100% Cotton Hotel Pillows: Best Hypoallergenic Pillows

Digital Decor 100% Cotton Hotel Pillows (Source: Amazon)

No one wants to be hit with an allergy attack on vacation. To prevent that from happening at your Airbnb, get the Digital Decor 100% Cotton Hotel Pillows—our top hypoallergenic option. 

A set of 2 will set you back $22.99 on Amazon, which is a very small price to pay to ensure your guests have a comfortable and allergy-free stay.

They’re made with an anti-allergy filling made from virgin polyester fibers and a breathable 230 thread count cotton exterior to promote airflow. The cotton exterior also regulates temperature and keeps sleepers cool throughout the night.

Additionally, these pillows are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low without compromising their quality, making them very easy to maintain. However, some customers complain that they’re too soft, and don’t offer much support.

Despite this feedback, for the price, we still think the Digital Decor 100% Cotton Hotel Pillows are the best hypoallergenic option around.

6. Nappler Cooling Pillow: Best for Warm Nights

Nappler Cooling Pillow (Source: Amazon)

The Nappler Cooling Pillow is perfect for hot sleepers and warm nights, and is designed to keep sleepers cool even during the warmest weather. They’re surprisingly affordable too: you can get a set of 2 for only $38.99 on Amazon.

Not only are these pillows adjustable, but they’re also created for optimal cooling. The breathable high-tech outer cover is made partially from viscose derived from bamboo, which is known for its cooling properties. The fill is a cooling gel-infused memory foam that helps regulate temperature and dissipate heat.

Despite all the great features, they’re far from perfect: the pillows tend to lose their fluffiness over time—so save the extra fill for that, instead of handing them out to your guests. The pillow also requires some prep work and needs to be placed in the dryer for a few minutes to “fluff it up” before use.

Still, if you’re operating an Airbnb in warmer regions or seasons, the Nappler Cooling Pillow is a must-have to ensure your guests stay cool and comfortable.

Bottom Line

Imagine your Airbnb guests sinking into a plush pillow after a long day of sightseeing, waking up refreshed and ready to start their day. That’s the secret to getting glowing reviews, and the pillows on this list can make this scenario a reality.

But, if you’re looking for the best of the best, then we highly recommend the Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows. These pillows are so comfortable and durable, that we’re surprised that they retail for less than $30! Definitely a steal for hosts who need a comfortable, reliable pillow to keep their guests happy, no matter their sleeping preferences.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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