Best Airbnb Channel Managers: Top 6 Choices

Jun 27, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

Managing an Airbnb, especially if you’re also listed on other platforms (like Vrbo) can be a juggling act. Double bookings, inconsistent pricing, and disjointed communication are always huge risks, and any of these situations can turn hosting into a headache.

That's where channel managers come in. These tools help you streamline and synchronize your listings across various platforms, saving you time and ensuring everything runs as it should.

Here are the six best channel managers that work with Airbnb:

How We Selected the Best Channel Managers for Airbnb

Choosing the best channel manager for your Airbnb business can streamline operations and boost your revenue. To narrow down the options, we focused on key factors that are crucial for both hosts and property managers.

Here’s how we selected the best channel managers for Airbnb:

Guesty is our top overall pick because it excels in all these areas. It has a comprehensive suite of tools and can do so much more than just manage channels (although it’s great at that, too), while having great support and the ability to scale.

1. Guesty: Best Overall Channel Manager

Guesty is hands down our top pick for Airbnb hosts looking to streamline their property management game. Why? It’s like having a virtual assistant that never sleeps, seamlessly syncing your Airbnb listings with other major booking platforms. This means no more double bookings! Plus, it’s packed with handy automation tools—think automated messaging and smart pricing—that free up your time without sacrificing guest satisfaction.

About the cost, you’ll find Guesty’s pricing tailored to different needs and business sizes. Prices start at $16 per month, which they recommend for 1–3 listings and which you can find here. This basic plan includes channel management for Airbnb, Vrbo, and For any other platforms, you’ll need to reach out to them for custom pricing.

What really sets Guesty apart is its user-friendly interface. Even if you’re not a tech whiz, navigating it is a breeze. And let’s not forget their stellar customer support. Need help at 1AM? They’ve got your back.

Just a heads-up: Guesty is great for Airbnb and the two other major booking platforms, but if you’re listing elsewhere then it might be a tad pricier. Still, if you’re serious about scaling your Airbnb business efficiently and boosting your reviews with minimal effort, Guesty should be your go-to.

2. Sympl: Best Affordable Channel Manager

If you’re starting small or managing just a handful of Airbnb properties, Sympl is your budget-friendly best friend. At just $2.99 per rental per month (with a free trial, too) it hooks up smoothly with Airbnb and other booking platforms like, Expedia, HomeAway, and more.

Despite being light on the wallet, Sympl packs a punch with features like automated messaging and simplified booking management. It’s a subsidiary of Tokeet, and integrates with other systems like Rategenie so you can add on features if you wish. See how it works here.

Sympl has a very straightforward setup. You won’t spend hours figuring it out—just plug in and play. Perfect for hosts who want things simple and effective without breaking the bank.

While it might not offer all the fancy bells and whistles of pricier competitors, if you’re after affordability and ease of use, Sympl ticks all the boxes for efficiently managing your Airbnb.

3. Lodgify: Best for Large Scale Hosting

Got a growing collection of Airbnb properties? Lodgify is your secret weapon. It seamlessly integrates with Airbnb and comes packed with tools to handle multiple listings like a pro. From creating sleek websites to nailing automated guest communications and synchronized calendars, Lodgify is all about streamlining your big-scale operation.

It syncs together all major booking platforms. Don’t see all your platforms on the site? Lodgify can connect them to your channel manager with an iCal integration.

However, prices on Lodgify are not only dependent on plans (of which there are three to choose from) but also the number of properties you’re listing. The cheapest option is $16 per month + a 1.9% booking fee for one property. See the nitty-gritty on pricing on the site itself.

This means that Lodgify isn’t as cheap as it looks—although it does offer custom plans for managing more than 100 properties. It also won’t break the bank. For example, the Starter plan will set you back $106 per month for 99 properties, plus a 1.9% booking fee.

Lodgify’s full suite of advanced features might be a bit over-the-top if you’re just dipping your toes with one or two properties. But for hosts juggling multiple listings and aiming for top-notch efficiency, Lodgify is well worth the investment.

4. Hostaway: Best for Growing Your Business

Leveling up your Airbnb business shouldn’t be difficult, and Hostaway will show you why. Tailored for hosts like you who are expanding their empire, it syncs seamlessly with Airbnb and other major booking platforms, offering tools to manage bookings, automate tasks, and tweak your pricing strategy as you grow.

Explore Hostaway’s customized pricing and features on their website. The best part? It scales with you. Add a new property? No problem. Hostaway makes managing multiple listings a breeze from one central hub. Dynamic pricing and multi-calendar views? They’ve got you covered there, too. Hostaway is all about maximizing your bookings and revenue without the headache.

Unfortunately, Hostaway isn’t the easiest platform to master right out of the gate and the customer service isn’t the best. There’s a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re new to more complex systems. But if your sights are set on growth and you need a solid tool to streamline operations and boost profitability, Hostaway can be your partner.

5. iGMS: Best for Automation

If you’re all about efficiency and saving time, iGMS is for you. This platform integrates seamlessly with Airbnb and other major rental channels, offering slick automation features like automated messaging, smart pricing adjustments, and unified inbox management in one simple dashboard.

Out of all the software we’ve tried, iGMS has the most advanced automations. It even offers multilingual support on automated messages so you can create messages for guests from all over the world. More than automated messaging, it streamlines and automates everything you need from key management to guest management, and even financial reporting.

What’s awesome about this is that everything is super intuitive, too. Even if you’re not tech savvy, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Prices start at $16 per property per month if you pay annually, but they also have two other plans you can view on their website.

iGMS might not have as many customization options and features as some of the alternatives, but if you crave efficiency and want to minimize the manual slog of managing your Airbnb listings, iGMS is the ticket to stress-free hosting.

6. Beds24: Best for Customization

Got specific hosting needs? Beds24 is the ultimate Airbnb channel manager for customizing every last detail. Whether it’s tweaking booking notifications, fine-tuning pricing strategies, or setting up your listings on different platforms, Beds24 allows you to only pay for what you need.

It even allows you to select only the OTAs you need, minimizes wasted channel connections—something other channel managers don’t do.

You can easily calculate the prices on the Beds24 site, where you can tailor everything to fit your hosting style perfectly. They have no contract, no minimum, and no set up fees. If flexibility and control are what you’re looking for, Beds24 delivers. 

Do note that Beds24’s extensive customization options, while great, will require a bit more setup time compared to simpler platforms. But for hosts who want maximum control over their expenses and how they manage their rentals, Beds24 is the best choice.

Bottom Line

Selecting the right channel manager is a tough decision. Remember, this channel manager will be your ticket to increasing your revenue and scaling your business, so choose wisely. If you’re serious about streamlining operations and maximizing your success on OTAs with an affordable tool that can do almost anything, then Guesty is our top pick. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools, it’s the perfect solution for hosts at any stage of their business.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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