6 ways a short term rental designer can boost your property's performance

Jan 17, 2024, written by Dennis Shirshikov

While it is possible to furnish a short-term rental property yourself, there are several reasons why you may want to consider working with a professional interior designer. Furnishing a property can be a significant investment, and a professional designer can help you make strategic decisions that can increase your rental income and ensure that your guests have a positive experience. This guide outlets the benefits of hiring a professional designer and the long term impact it can have on your short term rental.

The Challenges of DIY Rental Design

For Airbnb hosts, the temptation to personally tackle the design of their vacation property can often lead to mixed results. While DIY projects may initially seem cost-effective, they frequently lack the polished touch that a professional can provide, potentially diminishing the unique experience sought by guests. When it comes to rental interior design, especially for specific themes like a beach house, there are numerous nuances and rental design tips that a host might overlook. For example, selecting the appropriate light fixtures to complement the coastal vibe of a beach house requires a keen eye for design. Additionally, hosts may find it challenging to keep up with the latest trends in vacation rental design, which can be crucial to attract more bookings. The lack of professional expertise can result in a rental space that feels disjointed or underwhelming, rather than a cohesive and inviting environment that enhances the guest experience.

The Value of Professional Interior Design Experience

On the other hand, professional design services bring a wealth of experience and creativity to vacation rental design. These experts are adept at transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional areas that resonate with the target audience. A professionally designed vacation property can stand out in a crowded market, offering a unique experience that captivates potential guests. Designers specialize in creating a thematic and harmonious ambiance, whether it’s a chic urban apartment or a tranquil beach house. They are skilled in utilizing rental design tips, such as strategically placing light fixtures to create the right mood or selecting furnishings that maximize space utility while enhancing the rental interior. By investing in professional design services, Airbnb hosts can significantly increase their property's appeal, thereby attracting more bookings and potentially increasing their rental income.

Additionally, if you don't have experience in interior design, you may struggle to create a cohesive and functional space that meets the needs of your guests while staying in budget. A professional designer can handle everything from the initial design concept to sourcing furniture and accessories, which can save you time and ensure that the end result is of high quality.

Summer’s Expertise in Short Term Rental Design

Summer's wide range of services offers a comprehensive solution for vacation rental owners seeking to maximize their property's appeal and profitability in a quick, convenient and affordable way. Summer's second home ownership and property management solutions include a design service, tailored to elevate short-term rentals into captivating, guest-friendly spaces. Our interior designers are experts are using design to increase home performance, uniqueness, and longevity. Learn more about Summer at gosummer.com and how our short term rental designers can help you. 

6 advantages of a professional short term rental designer

Hover Avenue by Summer in Germantown, NY
1) Enhanced Guest Experience through Expert Design

An interior designer's expertise in creating a cohesive and visually appealing design is invaluable in enhancing the guest experience. By understanding the nuances of color theory, spatial arrangements, and aesthetic harmony, designers can transform a space into an inviting and memorable environment. This attention to detail not only pleases the eye but also contributes to the overall comfort and satisfaction of guests. A well-designed space can significantly impact guest reviews and encourage repeat bookings, as visitors often seek out accommodations that offer both comfort and visual appeal. Designers can craft an experience that resonates with guests, whether it's through luxurious touches, thematic decor, or simply a well-arranged living space, contributing to the property's reputation and desirability.

Treasure Drive by Summer in North Bay Village, Miami
2) Time-saving Efficiency with Professional Design Services

The process of designing and furnishing a property can be incredibly time-consuming, especially for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of interior design. A professional designer can streamline this process significantly. From conceptualizing a unique design theme to sourcing the right furniture and accessories, designers manage every aspect of the design process. This not only saves property owners valuable time but also alleviates the stress associated with such projects. Designers have the ability to efficiently coordinate various aspects of the design, from initial sketches to the final touches, ensuring a smooth and timely completion of the project.

Park Avenue by Summer in Park City, UT
3) Increased Profitability through Strategic Design Choices

Employing an interior designer can be a strategic investment in increasing the rental value of your property. Designers bring expertise in selecting high-quality, durable furniture that withstands frequent use while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. The color schemes and decorative elements they choose are carefully selected to appeal to a wide range of potential guests, enhancing the property's marketability. By making informed decisions about layout, furnishings, and decor, an interior designer can elevate the perceived value of your property, allowing you to justify a higher rental price and thereby increase profitability.

Lanesville Cabin by Summer in Lanesville, NY
4) Meticulous Attention to Detail for Optimal Functionality and Aesthetics

Professional interior designers excel in their meticulous attention to every detail of a space. Their trained eye for design ensures that every element, from the lighting fixtures to the furniture layout, is thoughtfully considered. This level of detail ensures that the space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Designers understand how to balance visual elements with practical needs, creating spaces that are as comfortable and user-friendly as they are beautiful. This comprehensive approach to design can significantly enhance the overall quality of the guest experience.

Del Sol by Summer in Joshua Tree, CA
5) Exclusive Access to Resources and Industry Connections

One of the significant advantages of working with an interior designer is their access to a wide range of resources and industry contacts. Designers have connections with furniture and decor suppliers, often gaining access to pieces that are not readily available to the general public. Additionally, they have relationships with skilled contractors and tradespeople, ensuring high-quality workmanship in executing the design. This network of resources can be invaluable in creating a unique and high-quality design for your property, providing access to materials and skills that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Ford Hill by Summer in Hunter, NY
6) Trend Awareness and Future-Proofing

Interior designers are not only skilled in current design trends but are also adept at anticipating future trends. This foresight can be incredibly beneficial for property owners, as it ensures that the interior design remains stylish and appealing for years to come. Designers can help you select elements that have a timeless quality, ensuring that your property does not quickly become dated in its appearance. This long-term approach to design can contribute to sustained interest and bookings, as guests are often drawn to spaces that feel both modern and timeless.

DIY Mishaps Can Have a Long Term Impact on Missed Revenue

While embarking on a DIY home design project might seem like a straightforward and cost-effective approach, it often turns out to be more time-consuming, costly, and less effective than anticipated. For many homeowners, the allure of personalizing their space can quickly give way to the realization of the complexities involved in design work. Without professional expertise, selecting the right materials, colors, and furnishings can become an overwhelming task, leading to costly mistakes and mismatched elements. The time investment for DIY projects can also be significant, as homeowners may need to learn new skills or techniques, and redo work to achieve a satisfactory result. 

Moreover, a lack of professional design experience can often lead to poor quality outcomes, which not only fail to meet the homeowner's expectations but can also negatively impact the overall value of the home. A space that lacks cohesion, functionality, or aesthetic appeal can be less attractive to potential buyers or renters, potentially lowering the property's market value. In contrast, a professionally designed space not only enhances the immediate living experience but also contributes to the long-term value of the property.

How Summer can help

Summer’s design service is more than an aesthetic enhancement; it's a strategic tool designed to increase rental income and enhance the guest experience. From optimizing hundreds of rentals, our team of design and STR experts have the tools, connections, and experience to make thoughtful and impactful recommendations, in addition to steering clear of ineffective recommendations and costly designers upselling their services. 

About Summer

Summer offers innovative solutions designed to streamline and enhance the vacation rental experience for both property owners and guests. Central to their offerings is a professional interior design service tailored for short-term rentals, ensuring properties are not only visually appealing but also functional and guest-friendly. This service extends from conceptual design to furniture sourcing, with a keen focus on creating spaces that attract positive reviews and repeat bookings. Book a free consultation to learn more about how Summer can transform your short-term rental into a top performing, professionally design destination. 

In addition to design services, Summer excels in comprehensive property management and flexible financing options, aiding property owners in renovations and cash flow management. Visit gosummer.com to learn more.

This article was written by
Dennis Shirshikov

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