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Introducing Gradual Ownership

Designed to give you the flexibility of renting with the value of ownership; think of it as getting to try, before you buy.

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Pay less and gain more equity
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Save time and money
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Get to try before buy
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Flexibility to walk away
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Step 1

Find your happy place

Tell us a bit about what you’re looking for. Is there a specific town that you’ve had your eye on? Are you looking for a vacation home that is near the mountains, beach, desert, coast? Do you want a pool? How many bedrooms? The world is your oyster!

Once we know more about what you’re looking for, our acquisitions team will be on the search for homes that fit your criteria and the Summer model. We'll match you with a partner agent - or bring your own - to start viewing the homes you love right away.

Step 2

We buy your dream home

We buy the home, covering all upfront costs and taking care of all of the paperwork (yes, really!). You make an initial payment of as little as 15%, and pay a monthly payment.

At any point over two years if you fall in love, you can make it official (you're already well on your way to owning). 100% of your initial payment – and a portion of your monthly payment paid to Summer – goes towards the purchase. If you choose to not buy, after two years, get 100% of your initial payment back and walk away – no strings attached.

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Step 3

We build your ideal design

We take care of design, furniture delivery, and the setup of all essentials and finishing touches. Our professional interior design team will work with you to make it feel like home. Summer also manages any updates or projects that the home requires. Our network of professionals ensures the work is done effectively and efficiently - all at no upfront cost to you.

Step 4

Your home is ready

Once your home is complete, we list your property for short-term rental across all the major outlets and our Summer network. Our dedicated team of property managers handles everything - from hosting services and guest inquiries, to revenue management and home performance reviews. You get to sit back and watch its performance, while gaining ownership over time.

Learn about our Management services

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Step 5

Enjoy the Summer network

You have the option to have pre-loaded credits that can be used to stay in your home, or any home in the Summer network - from the beach, to the mountains and everywhere in between. Start using all of your credits on day one and pay for them over time.

Flexibility is the name of the game. There are no restrictions for when, and where, to use your credits. Want to stay at your home for Memorial Day, and go somewhere warm for the holidays? We’ve got you covered!

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Step 4

Enjoy your home with member benefits

Use your credits to book any home in the Summer network
Property management and hosting services
Learn more
Revenue management and home performance reviews

Gradual Ownership is the smartest way to buy a vacation home

Pay less and gain more equity

Pay less and gain more equity

Pay as little as 15% down and earn more with your monthly payment than a traditional mortgage.

Save time and money

Save time and money

We take care of everything – from design, construction, to property management. We also cover taxes, fees, and paperwork.

Get to try before you buy

Get to try before you buy

You have the ability to see how your home performs before buying it outright.

Flexibility to walk away

Flexibility to walk away

If at the end of 2 years you decide not to buy, you get your initial payment back and walk away. No strings attached.

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The Gist

You gain ownership faster with Gradual than with a traditional mortgage.

Here’s how it works

If at the end of two years you decide to buy, both your initial payment payment and a portion of your monthly payments are applied to the home purchase.

Unlike a mortgage, where most of your monthly payment goes towards interest, not principle, your payments to Summer are interest-free. That means you’re able to own much more of a home over a two year period with Summer than you would with a traditional mortgage–and you’re not wasting a cent.

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equity earned over 2 yearsLine graph that shows the equity earning difference between Gradual Ownership and Traditional mortgage

You spend less overall with Gradual for upfront and continued costs compared to traditional home ownership

$1,149/month of equity credits get returned to you when you purchase
$1,149/month of equity
Example based on $525k home price
Traditional Ownership
Gradual Ownership
Total upfront cost
Total monthly cost
Equity total after 2 years
Total out-of-pocket cost after 2 years
Includes monthly carrying costs and mortgage
$359/month of equity
Includes downpayment, closing costs, furniture & design, onboarding & set up costs, mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities
Includes initial payment to Summer and platform fee


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