When it Comes to Short-Term Rentals, Consistency is Key

Consistency is a key factor in the success of short-term rental homes. When guests book a short-term rental, they have certain expectations based on the listing description, photos, reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals by past guests they may know. Consistency in the presentation and quality of the property is essential in meeting– and, hopefully, exceeding– those expectations, which can result in positive reviews, repeat guests, and increased bookings, all of which are crucial to a vacation home’s lasting success.

"Our job as a brand to find the right balance between consistency and surprise for our guests. Consistency is comforting because our guests can rely on us to meet the expectations they've grown to love about Summer– like knowing they'll always have a comfortable bed and fresh coffee in the morning. Comfort and meeting expectations translates to loyalty. Once we nail the consistency piece, we're able to start having fun ourselves by providing unique moments of surprise and delight, tailored specifically to the home or market– which leads to memories and moments." - Amber Answine, Summer's Head of Design & Installation

Here are some of the ways consistency will have a positive impact on short-term rental homes:

1. Guest satisfaction. Consistency in the presentation– including cleanliness and overall aesthetic–, and quality of the property ensures that guests receive what they expect when they arrive. This, in turn, leads to guest satisfaction. Satisfied guests will leave positive reviews, recommend the home to friends and family, and– most importantly– will leave folks with lasting memories from their getaway.

Welcoming our very first guests this winter at Lexie Lane by Summer in the Catskill Mountains.
"The home is clean, well-stocked with essential supplies, and beautifully decorated. Everything was as described, check-in was seamless, and the hosts were super responsive and proactive with some questions we had.”

- Mark Anthony, Lexie Lane by Summer guest, April 2023

2. Repeat business. The next time your short-term guests are in town, they’ll be more likely to book your property because they know what to expect– from both you as a host and from the home itself. Consistency and reliability are not only important when it comes to the property, amenities, and any other surprise extras, but also when it comes to the way in which a host communicates and the level of customer service they provide.

Guest "extras" aren't "extras" at Park Avenue by Summer in Park City– they're standard!
"I have to say, Summer's place is by far the best Airbnb we've ever stayed at. Very responsive team, resolving issues right away, amazing amenities... I would come back here in a heartbeat."

- Heather, Cherry Hill by Summer guest, April 2023

3. Increased bookings. Positive reviews and repeat business can result in increased bookings, as potential guests are more likely to book a property that has a track record of providing consistent quality. When they have something positive to say, guests are also more eager to write about their experience as a thank-you to the host. Think about your own experience booking on Airbnb, Vrbo, or any other mainstream rental platform; we’d bet you’re far more likely to book a home with 250+ reviews than one with only a handful (or none at all!). 

“We were so happy with our stay and we recommend it without hesitation.

Caitlin, Ford Hill by Summer guest, April 2023

Our design & installation team enjoys providing moments of surprise & delight tailored to each home's unique market.

4. Higher rental income. Ultimately, the financial success of the property is the most significant benefit to maintaining a short-term rental property that consistently delivers quality and meets guest expectations. After all, without revenue to put back into the home, maintenance costs can be a challenge. Guests are willing to pay more for a home that they trust will exceed their expectations.

"Worth every penny and already scheming for a trip back.”

- Bridget, Lanesville by Summer guest, December 2022

To maintain consistency in a short-term rental, it's important to establish and maintain a set of standards for the property. This includes regular cleaning, maintenance, updates to the property, and ultra-attentive guest communications and around-the-clock support. By ensuring that the property is consistently presented and maintained at a high level– which Summer takes care of from all angles–, hosts can provide a positive experience for their guests and optimize for enjoyment, comfort, and revenue.

Have questions for the Summer team? Drop us a line at hey@gosummer.com.