Jan 19, 2024

Landscaping Short Term Rentals: 6 Must-Remember Tips

When planning a vacation, tranquility and a connection with nature are often at the top of guests' wish lists. For hosts of short-term rentals, this means not only providing essential amenities but also focusing on impactful landscaping to create an unforgettable retreat. This expanded blog post delves into the importance of thoughtful outdoor spaces and amenities, incorporating key landscaping elements like curb appeal, native plants, and outdoor entertainment spaces to elevate the guest experience.

The importance of landscaping:

Landscaping plays a pivotal role in enhancing the allure and comfort of vacation rentals. When guests arrive at a property, the first thing they notice is the outdoor space, which sets the tone for their entire stay. Thoughtfully designed landscapes with elements like native plants, well-placed outdoor lighting, and inviting outdoor living spaces not only boost the property's curb appeal but also create a serene and welcoming environment. 

In a market where first impressions are key, landscaping becomes a vital asset in distinguishing a vacation home from competitors. It's not just about aesthetics; functional landscaping, such as the use of synthetic turf for low maintenance or paving stones for durable pathways, also contributes to the overall guest experience by offering practicality and ease. Effective landscaping reflects the care and attention given to the property, signaling to guests that their comfort and enjoyment are top priorities. This attention to detail often translates into positive reviews and repeat bookings, making landscaping an essential investment for any vacation rental property owner.

6 Tips for Landscaping Short Term Rentals

At Summer our expert designers have compiled a list of the most important and effective landscaping improvements to elevate a rental and improve performance. Below we expand on these helpful recommendations in addition to exploring the ways Summer flexible financing options and home improvement services make it easy and seamless to achieve a top performing rental. Learn more about Summer here.

1. The Hot Tub

A hot tub is more than a luxury for most renters —it's a sanctuary. After adventurous days, guests can unwind in warm waters, easing muscles while surrounded by majestic views. Incorporating elements like outdoor lighting and synthetic turf around the hot tub can enhance this experience, providing a lush, maintenance-free environment that adds to the indulgence and rejuvenation crucial for vacation. In addition to providing a little luxury, it will also make your vacation rental a prime destination year-round and is especially impactful for off-season escapes. 

2. The Fire Pit

The classic experience of gathering around a fire under a starlit sky is irreplaceable and better yet, year-round selling point. A fire pit, surrounded by pea gravel or paving stones for a rustic yet elegant look, offers a cozy atmosphere on a cold night or a fun gathering spot for summertime S'mores. This feature bring guests together, providing a place to foster positive memories, especially when complemented a nice surrounding. 

3. Outdoor Dining Area

Meals amidst breathtaking landscapes are a highlight of short term rentals. An outdoor dining area, possibly featuring an outdoor kitchen, allows guests to enjoy their meals while basking in nature's beauty. Incorporating native plants and subtle outdoor lighting can transform dining into an enchanting experience, essential for any rental home regardless of location.

4. Regular Landscaping Services

The beauty of mountain surroundings deserves complementing landscaping. Regular maintenance landscaping ensures the property's exterior remains tidy and appealing. Services focusing on native plants that require regular watering, artificial grass for low maintenance, and strategic placement of outdoor lighting can significantly enhance the property's natural allure.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Essential amenities like hot tubs, fire pits, and outdoor dining areas, when combined with thoughtful vacation rental landscaping, significantly boost a property's visual appeal. Consider synthetic turf, lighting, stepping stones, ponds, or outside decor as a way to shift overall aesthetic and make a lasting first impression. Pro tip: consider landscaping that includes plenty of year-round flowering, green plans such as cactus and palm trees in warmer climates. In colder climates, provide a balance of oak trees for the summer and pine trees for the winter in addition to a mix of your favorite color of spring flowers and fall mums for year-round appeal. 

6. Standing Out

In the competitive vacation home rental market, top amenities and well-maintained landscaping offer a distinct advantage. However, rental owners should lean into what can make their property unique from similar homes in the market. Aside from considering the long term advantage of a pool or outdoor kitchen, even small investments, such as a hammock or fountain can differentiate your property elevating as a top destination in your neighborhood. 

Landscaping Investments Outweigh The Costs

Investing in landscaping and outdoor amenities significantly benefits vacation home owners by enhancing property appeal and guest satisfaction, leading to higher revenue. Thoughtful landscaping, with features like native plant gardens, elegant outdoor lighting, and well-designed living spaces, not only elevates the property's aesthetic appeal but also creates a memorable guest experience. These enhancements make the property stand out in listings, attracting more bookings at potentially higher rates. Moreover, amenities such as outdoor kitchens, cozy fire pits, and inviting seating areas extend the living space, offering guests additional areas to relax and enjoy, which is particularly appealing in today’s market. 

This focus on outdoor luxury and comfort directly impacts guest satisfaction, often resulting in glowing reviews and repeat visits. Positive word-of-mouth and online reviews further boost the property’s visibility and desirability. In essence, the investment in landscaping and outdoor amenities is not just an upgrade to the property's physical appearance; it's a strategic move towards building a more profitable and reputable vacation rental business.

Summer’s Expertise in Effective Landscaping.

Summer has elevated its vacation rental appeal and increased nightly revenue by adding amenities like hot tubs, patios, fire pits, and chic outdoor furniture with the help of our expert design and construction team. These enhancements have transformed outdoor areas into luxurious retreats, leading to higher occupancy and the ability to charge premium rates. 

How Summer Can Help

Summer’s landscaping & design service is more than an aesthetic enhancement; it's a strategic tool designed to increase rental income and enhance the guest experience. From optimizing hundreds of rentals, our team of design and STR experts have the tools, connections, and experience to make impactful low-maintenance recommendations, in addition to steering clear of ineffective recommendations and costly projects. Summer also offers flexible financing options for home improvement projects, making it easier for property owners to invest in their properties and stay competitive in the market. Learn more about Summer’s services.

Looking for an easy, affordable way to elevate your vacation rental? Book a free consultation with Summer’s design experts today. 

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