Aug 8, 2022

6 Tips for a 5-Star Rental

When preparing and outfitting a home for short-term renters, it’s important to view the process through a different lens than if you were furnishing your own primary residence. From investing in durable, high-quality designer furniture that’s built to last, to ensuring generous storage space, there’s no shortage of specifics to keep in-mind throughout the process.

Durable, high-quality furniture

While it may be tempting at first– and seem economical– to go the more affordable route when it comes to larger, more focal pieces like living room seating and staple bedroom pieces, it’ll come back to bite you. Not only is it obvious to the eye of your guest when short-term cost was considered before quality; it also makes your home significantly more vulnerable to wear-and-tear and a need for frequent refurnishing. Plus, no guest wants to feel the guilt (or fear an extra charge) when a chair becomes wobbly or a knob falls off a dresser drawer. 

Vacation rentals, by nature, see a wide-range of guests coming and going; the manner in which your property is outfitted should be as appropriate for a couple seeking a quiet, one-night getaway as it is for a family with young children (and maybe even a dog).

Generous storage

Regardless of how long their stay in your home may be, you’ll want your guests to have the option to keep some of their belongings out of the way. Whether it be their dog’s food container (dog-owners, we know you get it), yoga mat, or bulky suitcases, you probably don’t want your renters trying to avoid tripping over their own things all weekend!

Ample storage is also important for the extras with which you provide your guests; there’s nothing more exciting as a vacationer than discovering a closet with a stack of beach chairs, a garage with a couple of bikes, a bookshelf full of nostalgic board games, or a pantry stocked with fresh snacks.

Thoughtful lighting

Lighting has an extremely profound effect on the way in which your guests will perceive your space– from the moment they step through the door. You can also use lighting to your advantage to create the illusion of a much larger space, as well as play around with the unlimited styles of lighting to compliment each room and its furnishings– i.e. a warm, tight-radius, low-hanging pendant light hovering above a bedside table, or a long, sleek track light to elongate a dining room.

Don’t overlook any “flaw” (even if it feels minor)

A barely-there spot on the wall where paint has chipped. One missing knob on a relatively out-of-view cabinet door. If the question “Will they notice that?” has crossed your mind just once, chances are, someone will.


We’ve all been there– an idyllic home and property for the vacation to which you’ve spent weeks or months looking forward. You have the first day of your dreams; the home looks even better than the photos. After a long day of travel, it’s time for bed… and the mattress and pillows are your worst nightmare.

Situations like this are a harsh reminder that it’s about so much more than aesthetics; what’s a vacation if you’re not getting the best sleep of your life? Investing in high-quality, long-lasting mattresses and pillows will, without a doubt, bring that 4-star to a 5. We recommend Casper mattresses and pillows, with which every home in the Summer network is equipped.

Bathroom essentials

Before their stay, let your upcoming renters know that they can pack lightly; the provision of high-end, travel-sized toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and body wash is a much-appreciated perk.

Main takeaway

While giving your guests the best short-term rental experience possible is an evergreen learning experience– and while there’s no limit to the things you can do to improve your home–, the tips above provide a great place to start.

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