Jul 27, 2022

Fully-Managed Homeownership with Summer

When you imagine owning a second home, you envision having a place to relax and luxuriate– not spending your well-earned and long-awaited vacation time on chores like mowing and maintenance. Pointedly, homeownership by way of the Summer path includes 360-degree property management, simplifying the experience so that your only “homework” is to enjoy being a homeowner.

Check out four of the (many) ways that Summer takes the headache out of homeownership:

I. Interior design & furnishings, giving you a home to write home about.

Before you spend your first night in your Summer home, you can expect that it will thoughtfully-and-beautifully outfitted from top to bottom with the best-of-the-best furniture and decor by a professional interior designer. Our design team takes your aesthetic and style preferences into account throughout the entire design process, whether you’ve got an affinity for coastal, colorful, minimal, or something in between. With a focus on not only beauty but also functionality, our dedicated and passionate designers consider every detail big and small, from one-of-a-kind furniture (yes, including outdoor furniture!) to wall art. Our goal is to make your second home on-par with your primary home when it comes to feeling, well, like home.

"Our goal is to make your second home on-par with your primary home when it comes to feeling, well, like home."

No need to overpack, either; you can also expect to find all the essentials in your home, from luxurious linens and a fully-equipped kitchen to fun extras, like board games, books, and other means of entertainment for your friends and family. You can rest assured that your home will be no exception when it comes to going through our 200-point checklist.

II. Consistent cleaning and maintenance by the industry’s best.

Houses are work! No secret there. Home maintenance can become an extra burden when trying to manage from afar– and once you’re there, it’s the last thing you’ll want to think about. That’s why we take care of them for you, happily and thoroughly. After your stay, the home is cleaned from top to bottom and inspected, and any necessary repairs are attended to and resolved quickly. Whether it be something as big and pressing as replacing a washing machine, or a more minor fix like changing lightbulbs or restocking your kitchen with coffee, we have one goal: to make your life easier.

This goes for the property the home sits on, too– we’ll take care of your garden and lawn, consider geo-specific property needs like snow removal, and always maintain the top-tier curb appeal on which we pride ourselves.

III. Dedicated support– whenever you need us.

Unlike traditional pathways of becoming a homeowner, when you buy with Summer, you’re not just getting a home; you’re also getting a partner (a team of us, in fact!).

"We have one goal: to make your life easier."

Financial questions or booking trouble? WiFi not cutting it, or overhead lighting not conducive to your work-cation? Just let us know. Our response time is stellar (if we do say ourselves), and we’ll fix it for you– whether that be virtually walking you through anything on which you’re unclear, or overnighting you a new desk lamp of your choice.

IV. Make memories while you’re there, and money while you’re not– leave finding short-term renters to us.

Summer’s Operations and Experience team is unique in that we’re leveraging years of experience in the hospitality space; Summer members can rest assured that their homes are designed, updated, furnished, and stocked with every little detail proven to make a short-term rental experience top-tier. This ensures repeat and consistent renters to whom we perpetually promise a best-of-the-best experience– and more income for you.

"Make memories while you're there, and money while you're not."

The short-term rental process is handled from start to finish– from finding the renters and getting them booked and settled, to the provision of local recommendations and guides and a seamless checkout.

Ready to talk to our team? Click here to get started. Care to learn a bit more first? Check out our FAQ, or drop us a line at