Nov 26, 2022

Summer's Holiday Gift Guide for the Design-Lover

With gift-shopping for the ultimate design-enthusiast comes great responsibility. Luckily, we've got guidance from some of the most design-savvy in the business.

First up, we have Stacy Drew's list of hand-picked gifts for the design-lover, hitting a variety of price-points. If Stacy's home-styling work and aesthetic look familiar, it may be because she designed our beautiful ski condo in Park City!

"I love gifting thoughtfully-chosen pieces that I know my friends or family would love, but maybe not buy for themselves, like everyday items that just have a little something special about them."

Stacy's first pick is the Eames Playing Card set from the MoMA Design Store. "Every design-lover knows who Charles & Ray Eames were, and are familiar with at least one or more of their timeless designs," she says. "With each card depicting one of the duo’s iconic prints and coming in at less than $30, these are the perfect stocking stuffer."

MoMA Design Store's Eames Playing Cards, $27.

Next up on Stacy's list is the Slow Brew Coffee Set & Stand from Kinto because it serves "the best slow-living vibes." Great danish design, solid craftsmanship, and rich, aromatic, slow-brewed coffee? Yes, please.

Kinto's Brewer Stand, $188.

Last on Stacy's list is this handmade alpaca throw from The Citizenry. Why? "One can never have too many cozy blankets," she says.

The Citizenry's Liso Throw, $200.
"One can never have too many cozy blankets."

Next up, we enter the world of Ninze Chen-Benchev, one of the driving forces behind Summer’s signature aesthetic. Having designed, furnished, and outfitted the majority of the homes within the Summer network thus far (with the most recent being the beautiful Germantown barn), it's safe to say we're tempted to buy anything that has earned Ninze's stamp of approval. Ninze's picks are curated for those quiet, cozy days inside by the fire (in your Summer home-away-from-home, of course).

Ninze's first pick is this pair of cashmere socks from Le Bon Shoppe. "These socks are a staple in my store, Long Weekend, and everyone them with a passion," she says. "I think they have a cult following at this point. They're also a perfect stocking-stuffer size, and the quality and feel are amazing for the price."

Le Bon Shoppe's Classic Cashmere Socks, $24.

Second on Ninze's list is something she's already preordered for herself: The Sight Unseen Book, which is meant to "[act] as a primer on how to maximize the visual and emotional impact of your interior, regardless of your space limitations, style preferences, or budget."

The Sight Unseen Book: How to Live with Objects, $60.

For her "splurge" pick, Ninze recommends the Homecoat by OFFHOURS. "This is the comfiest, most stylish home-robe, and it is like wearing a blanket. I'm obsessed with all the color combos and it's perfect for winter snuggling."

The Home Coat by OFFHOURS, $295.

Happy gifting, and we hope to host you and your loved ones over the holidays!

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