Jan 19, 2024

7 Tips for Durable Design Style in Short-Term Vacation Rentals

In the world of short-term vacation rentals (STVRs), there’s a delicate art to selecting furniture. It’s about achieving the perfect equilibrium between practicality and aesthetic appeal. Monica Franco-Contreras, Summer’s Design & Installation Manager, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly: "Striking a balance between aesthetic & longevity is important while designing and furnishing our homes because you want these pieces to last while reflecting personal taste that enhances the overall look of the home."

The Importance of Durability in Short Term Vacation Rentals

For vacation rental owners, the importance of durable design cannot be overstated. In the bustling world of short-term rentals, properties experience frequent use and turnover, making wear and tear an inevitable challenge. Durable design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's an investment in longevity and cost-effectiveness. By choosing furniture and decor that withstand the rigors of constant use, owners can significantly reduce the frequency and costs of replacements and repairs. Moreover, durable design elements contribute to a consistently high-quality guest experience. When guests stay in a well-maintained property, it not only enhances their satisfaction and comfort but also elevates the property's reputation, leading to positive reviews and repeat business. In essence, integrating durable design is a strategic decision that balances immediate appeal with long-term sustainability, ensuring that the property remains competitive and profitable in the dynamic landscape of vacation rentals.

7 Tips For A Durable Design Style

At Summer our expert designers have compiled a list of the most important and effective durable design style tips to maintain both a sustainable and high quality home. Below we expand on these helpful recommendations in addition to exploring the ways Summer flexible financing options and home improvement services make it easy and seamless to achieve a top performing rental. Learn more about Summer here.

1. Prioritize Durability with Sustainable Materials

Selecting furniture that stands the test of time is crucial. Opt for pieces made from solid wood or metal, materials known for their longevity. But here’s the twist: choose sustainably sourced wood and recycled metals. This not only ensures durability but also reduces the environmental impact of your furniture. Avoid particleboard, which may be less durable and often contains harmful adhesives.

2. Choose Eco-Friendly and Easy-to-Clean Fabrics

Fabrics in a rental need to be practical and aesthetically pleasing. Look for options like organic cotton, which is not only eco-friendly but also comfortable and easy to clean. Materials like leather and microfiber are also good choices for their stain-resistant properties. Steer clear of fabrics like silk or velvet which require meticulous care.

3. Smart Storage Solutions

Incorporate furniture with built-in storage, such as beds with drawers or multi-functional ottomans. This helps maximize space and keeps the rental organized. Consider using materials like bamboo for storage solutions – it’s not only sustainable but also incredibly sturdy.

4. Get Versatile

Choose versatile furniture pieces that can adapt to various needs, like sleeper sofas or modular seating. Focus on items made with eco-friendly materials that don't compromise on quality. This flexibility is essential in catering to a diverse range of guests while maintaining a commitment to sustainable design.

5. A Simple Style Speaks Volumes

Your furniture should complement the overall theme of your rental. Neutral colors and classic styles usually appeal to a broader audience. However, infuse your space with a few statement pieces that reflect high-quality design products. These pieces can be conversation starters and make your rental more memorable and social-media-worthy.

6. Don’t Skimp On Quality

Set a realistic budget, but remember, cheap can be costly in the long run. Invest in high-quality, sustainable pieces that offer better longevity. Explore options like purchasing gently used high-end furniture or seeking discounts on eco-friendly products.

7. Get guest Feedback

Guest feedback is invaluable. Use it to understand if your choices in furniture resonate with their needs and aesthetic preferences. This feedback can guide future purchases and adjustments, ensuring your rental remains appealing and comfortable.

Durable Design Boosts Performance

Durable design is not only a smart aesthetic choice but also a financially savvy one for vacation rentals. Initially, it might seem like a substantial investment to opt for high-quality, durable furnishings and materials. However, this upfront cost is offset by the long-term savings it provides. Durable design means fewer replacements and repairs over time. Moreover, durable design often equates to timeless design. This approach not only saves money but also appeals to a broader range of guests, as classic designs have a universal appeal.

In addition, properties that are well-maintained and show little sign of wear are more likely to attract higher rental rates and repeat guests. This increase in revenue is a direct result of the property’s ability to maintain its appeal over time, thanks to the durability of its design elements. All of these factors contribute to increased rental income over time due to lower costs and long-term property appeal.

Summer’s Expertise In Durable Design

Summer excels in the art of durable design for vacation rentals, masterfully blending aesthetic appeal with long-lasting quality. Their approach focuses on selecting materials and furnishings that are not only stylish but also built to endure frequent guest use. This dedication to durability by ensures that properties are not only visually inviting but also economically efficient, reducing the need for constant refurbishments. Their expertise in choosing timeless and robust design elements sets their properties apart and cements's reputation as a leader in sustainable and savvy property management.

How Summer Can Help

Summer’s design service is more than an aesthetic enhancement; it's a strategic tool designed to increase rental income, minimize unnecessary costs, and enhance the guest experience. From optimizing hundreds of rentals, our team of design and STR experts have the tools, connections, and experience to make long-term, low-maintenance recommendations, in addition to steering clear of unattractive design-styles and costly projects. Click here to learn more about Summer’s services.

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Summer offers innovative solutions designed to streamline and enhance the vacation rental experience for both property owners and guests. Central to their offerings is a professional interior design service tailored for short-term rentals, ensuring properties are not only visually appealing but also functional and guest-friendly. This service extends from conceptual design to furniture sourcing, with a keen focus on creating spaces that attract positive reviews and repeat bookings. 

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