The Team

The Team
Mar 2, 2023
Meet Logan Patiño, Summer's Senior Software Engineer

Meet Logan Patiño, Summer's Senior Software Engineer. Coming from a health-tech background, Logan has spent years building, problem-solving, and creating seamless user-experiences. Take a peek into his day-to-day and what he sees for the future of Summer.

The Team
Jan 25, 2023
Q&A with Ariel Smith, Summer's Head of Sales

Ariel Smith, Summer's Head of Sales, loves that Summer has two options for homebuyers to consider; they both offer unique value, depending on someone’s individual situation.

The Team
Nov 2, 2022
Q&A with Alex Gignac, Summer's Head of Engineering

Meet Summer's Head of Engineering, Alex Gignac, and hear what he has to say on the important relationship between Summer's business model and technology.

The Team
Oct 14, 2022
Q&A with Jason DiLoreti, Summer's Operations Experience Manager

Meet Jason, our Operations Experience Manager who goes above and beyond for our members and guests.

The Team
Sep 8, 2022
Q&A with Pedro Zevallos, Summer's Head of Acquisitions

Given his background doing acquisitions in both the hospitality and single-family rental spaces, Pedro was naturally and immediately excited about the emerging short-term rental asset class. Now an integral and invaluable part of our team, Pedro helps to grow the network of Summer homes in both new and existing markets.

The Team
Jun 17, 2022
Q&A With Summer’s Head of Experience, Sarah Haviland

As the Head of Experience at Summer, Sarah Haviland ensures that every touchpoint for our members and guests-- from communication to the physical properties themselves-- is a five-star experience.